What to Do 8-6 Weeks Before Your Move?

What to Do 8-6 Weeks Before Your Move?

Experts advise having adequate time to plan and prepare for a household move is crucial. Not only planning your move allows you to enjoy your move but also you relocate safely with all your possessions. And this is the reason why professional packers and movers say to start planning for a move at least a couple of months before the move.

So, what should you do 8-6 weeks before the moving date? Well, this is the perfect time to start strategically planning your move. Today, we will let you know how you can plan your move and the important things you should start doing 8-6 weeks before your move.

Things to Do 8 Weeks Before Moving House

If you have a couple of months on your hand then you can plan for a hassle-free move. You can reduce your stress level during a household move. So start preparing for the 8 weeks before the moving date.

Book packers and movers service provider

The first and foremost thing you will be doing 8 weeks before your move is to find a reliable house shifting company in Delhi NCR or wherever you stay. You will take a few days to find the best moving company in your area that matches your requirement. Hence, start doing it as early as possible.

You will have to interview several companies and get their quotations. They will quote their prices, which you should compare to hire the one that best fits your budget. This is a time-consuming process hence, start doing it at least 8 weeks before you move.

Get transcripts from your kids’ school

One of the toughest tasks during an interstate relocation is to find a good school for your children. And when you will find out a good school you will need a few documents for admission. So, get the transfer certificate from the old school of your children and for this, you will have to inform the school administration and submit an application their for TC.

Book tickets or cabs

This is an important thing that should be done at least 8 weeks before you relocate, especially if you are going to travel by train or flight because the fare fluctuates with the dates. The earliest you will book the less you will pay. Decide how will you travel to your intended destination and book conveyance accordingly and avoid paying unnecessary charges.

Discard unwanted items

Go through your rooms and decide what goods will go in the truck, what to donate, and what to simply throw. Discarding goods will help you alleviate the weight of your shipment and moving costs. All the forgotten-about items and the goods that are now useless to you should be discarded by donating to the charity.

Things to Do 6 Weeks before Moving

Have a yard sale

Having a yard or garage sale can help you make money before moving. You can invite your friends, neighbors, and others by posting an ad on social media platforms about your yard sale. You will get potential buyers for all your goods that you use less or never use. After selling the goods on a yard sale you will be left with a clean and neat house and also a pocket full of profits.

Gather packing supplies

Create a room or space in your house where you can start placing all your packing supplies. Buy all the necessary packaging materials that you will be needing to pack your belongings. If you have hired full-service packers and movers then you can skip this step as movers will bring their tools and supplies to pack, load, and unload your goods. 

Contact an insurance company

Ask your movers and packers agency to provide insurance for your possession. Reputed moving firms insure goods against damages so that you can recover the damage costs if occur any during the move.

See your doctor for full-body checkups

Moving to a long-distance place is time-consuming therefore, you need to be mentally and physically strong during this time. Get your family members' full-body checkups done before moving and carry everyone's report. Also, carry the prescriptions. A full-body checkup is a must when you are moving to a new place, especially if moving overseas.

Change your address

Change your residential address before moving. Fill out the address change cards at the post office. As now everything is online today, you can do it online as well. Just use the official site and fill an application to change your address. And update your addresses on the shopping portals’ app as well to avoid any complications in the future.

Inform your neighbors, bank, and insurance agents

Now, the time has come to inform your beloved neighbors and friends that you are moving. Informing them one month before you move, gives plenty of time to arrange meetings and other important things. If you haven’t met them for a long time, meet them. Share your new address and invite them over.

Apart from neighbors and relatives, contact your bank and insurance agents to tell them about your move. Ask them to transfer the accounts to the nearest branch in your new city so that you can do your transaction without any trouble.


If you will follow this guide to prepare for your move before 8-6 weeks then trust me you are going to have an amazing moving experience. And do not forget to hire reliable and authentic packers and movers Mumbai to Pune or to relocate your home. Even if you cannot afford their complete service, hire them for partial shifting services such as loading and unloading goods, etc. We wish you the best of luck for your next move.