Come and Meet Our Expert Tv Aerial Installation London Squad at Reliable Company How London:

Come and Meet Our Expert Tv Aerial Installation London Squad at Reliable Company How London:

TV Aerial installation London:

How London is a TV aerial and satellite installation company that is offering expert and first-class TV aerial and satellite fitting and repair services through London and has been the foremost choice for local households and businesses for several years. Growing with the ever-expanding digital world of Sky Q, Freesat, Freeview, BT TV, TV Aerial installation London, and YouView our familiarity and know-how are next to none.

All of our engineers are knowledgeable industry specialists, capable to deliver the best service and expert, impartial advice. We know that the treasure of new digital TV technologies can frequently be unapproachable and confusing, so we make it our urgency to ensure you make vibrant and informed choices. What’s more, with a squad of local engineers, we can offer same-day installations or a selection that suits you. At How London, we stay flexible and dependable to make your aerial or satellite installation modest and hassle-free.

Roof Detention To Defend Your Property and Environment as Spring is Upon us:

As the snow has liquefied and Boris made a statement last night that warmed all our hearts, our feelings have now curved to Spring and Summer and particularly to be able to host groups and family in the garden. 

But, with this time of year comes a new delinquent that can delay your property, your aerial, and leave patios enclosed in a mess you'd rather not have to deal with. 


Pretty as they are, they can be pests. They can reason impairment, bend aerials leaving you with a poor greeting, damage chimneys, and of course they have a routine of pooping from the edge of the roof, marking outdoor chairs, tables, patios, and flooring. 

Even not as good as, they hurt themselves in the procedure of getting caught on solar panels, wiring, and TV equipment. 

At How London, we have the solution in the method of nature-friendly caging. We can fit it in the variability of tailored sizes, from single chimneys to the main one we lately did span over 2 meters. Grant and Blaine can also fit them in hard-to-reach spaces without the use of the framework, meaning we are most active and fast! 

Get ready for all those seasonal BBQs and aid keep your property poop-free by stand-in now. You can also texture well knowing you've done your bit to defend the region's nature. 

TV Aerial installation London

What Decreases the Lifespan of a TV Aerial?

  • Low-Quality Aerial or Antenna

As stated earlier, an aerial is going to be outside and wants to endure whatever Mother Nature throws at it. The sizzling sun, heavy rain, strong breezes, and more are going to stance a threat to the aerial.

Avoid low-priced aerials that have rudiments like Bacofoil because they bend straightforwardly. Eventually, the troublesomeness and cost of repair will not be valuing the money you might save on a cheap initial buying.

  • Lightning Strike/Electrical Storm

During electrical storms, very high energy may pass through the aerial and reasons severe damage. The same occurs when lightning assaults. In either case, the installer cannot stop the foreseeable, no matter how good the installation or aerial parts are.

  • Poor Installation

Even the best TV aerial won’t precede very long if it hasn’t been appropriately fitted and installed. Here are some mutual motives issues that arise when a capable doesn’t do the installation:

  • Over-tightened Top U Bolt – This damage the mat and reasons it to weaken
  • Aerial installed at too great a height – Not exploiting an aerial mast for higher-than-usual elevations will decrease the lifetime
  • Failure of the cables and components
  • Outdated Technology:

Technology is continuously evolving, and it may be time to advance your aerial. Your aerial may now be outdated, stingy you of the TV services obtainable in your area. An instance of this was the change from VHF to UHF.

You should also consider variations in incidence or any new structures or monuments recently built near you that might be intrusive with the signal. In this case, you may need to raise the height of the aerial or consider a satellite dish.

  • Loft Aerials Last Longer

Loft aerials are not endorsed for the simple motive that they are installed at a comparatively low height. This causes more meddling in the signal and possibly lower picture quality. However, it does mean loft antennas are well enclosed so that they won’t be as liable to the weather.