Online Fighting Games – 5 Popular Titles That You Must Try Out Before 2020 Ends

Online Fighting Games – 5 Popular Titles That You Must Try Out Before 2020 Ends

Summary: Online fighting games are not less than a treat to all action-puzzle seekers. Let’s enrol into some of the latest and hot fighting games to find new kind of excitement and thrill.


Fighting games are a most in-demand genre of action games where you have to help the on-screen character to perform a combat against an opponent. Most of times, the power of these two or more characters will be of the same, while, sometimes, you have to assist your character to win some matches or collect coins or energy booster to be having of equal power.


Several rounds take place and the winner will be the one who manages to beat the opponents in most of the rounds. Make sure that your players are a master in applying techniques like chaining together sequences of attacks, counter-attacking and blocking.


Trying out fighting games online is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, practicing them for some time makes sure that you will soon become master of them. Get through the tutorial video or instructions of your chosen game, learn the important techniques and enter the battle field like a true action hero!


You need to apply lots of dedication, challenge your hand-eye coordination abilities and plan a strategy to win your battle. There are different types of techniques and strategies you get a chance to learn while enrolling in any chosen fighting game match.


Let’s explore several popular fighting titles that have become a widely preferred choice of gamers from different age groups:

  1. Decision Medieval

People are crazy for zombie games due to the reason as they are full of action and complex challenges. In this free online action-packed challenge, you would see that a huge wave of blood-thirsty zombies and monsters have captured your land. You as an action hero help your people to get their land back from the clutches of dead.


Visit from one place to another in the kingdom to clear the land from these deadly souls who rise up from time to time. Try to reach out to taverns in the quarters where many helpless locals are waiting for you! Make sure to get them trained and taught how to fight against the evil in the war. Build the defensive towers and focus on recreating them fast! Win matches, collect coins to upgrade your skills and powers!

  1. Kung Fu Street 2

Some of the extremely popular fighters of your time have just entered the streets and they again need your help to combat against the powerful opponents. Join this brand new fighting game, clear all the rounds and prove the world again that you are an ultimate warrior! Be careful as your opponents are also lashed with some powerful weapons!


Practice your punches and kicks perfectly and try to know all of the needful moves of widely popular martial arts before facing them! Common boys! You are skilled enough to use your amazing street fighting style and self-defence karate fighting techniques to hit them down all on the ground. Play like a champion and try to survive till the end and bring the trophy to your home!

  1. Fantasy Heroes

The introduction of this latest and highly addictive action challenge has already surprised many fighting game lovers. Only those who could dare to put their reflexes and combat skills to the test can win the battle. Use all of your three heroes to defend the castles and fight against the evil hordes of trolls!


Try to react fast as you would have only a few minutes to launch your powerful attack in this one of the best action games for boys! Guide your heroes to match with their useful orcs so that they plan fast to respond to their enemies! Make sure not to let the orcs go out of the side screen. Sending wrong heroes will cost you losing your lives. Good luck to complete the task and have a full-throttle action gaming experience!

  1. Street Fighter Madness

If you are a true action game lover and have some free hours to have fun and enjoy during your stay at home, then playing this cool 3D action-packed challenge can be a nice decision for you. Your objective is to help Luke Steel, who wants to take his revenge, to win multiple street fights. Finish all his rivals to wear the crown of this popular street fighting championship!


It’s not easy to survive through the multiple stages. You as his mentor will have to guide him at every moment and stage and stay strong against all of his opponents until he wins the trophy in this one of the coolest online fighting games.

  1. Hollywood Bash

Wow! Even some of the most renowned personalities from Hollywood want to try something different. You would definitely like to practice and enjoy this big battle of the floozy superstars if you give it a single try. Try to apply the moves nicely to clear the task in this cool war game.


Select your star out of multiple options and gear up to challenge your action abilities to win! Be careful and conserve your energy when you are in the ring! Knock out your opponent before the round is over to grab some extra points! Good luck to assist your chosen celeb taste the victory and make feel proud on you!