Best Treatment for Heart Blockage

Best Treatment for Heart Blockage

The human heart is one of the miraculous engines of the world. The way the heart works so efficiently and incredibly has always astounded all medical practitioners. But like any other engine, the heart can encounter many complications and hiccups in its regular and normal functioning.


Some of them may be small but some may turn out to be severe and more pressing. The best tip to stay ahead and keep a check on one’s heart is to always get your health and heart checked at one of the best hospital in Bangalore so that one can stay updated on their own heart health.


If there are any complications or any symptoms indicative of future problems, they can be easily looked into with simple treatments and lifestyle corrections.

Heart Blocks

Heart blocks are mostly caused by small obstructions or arrhythmia in the way the chambers communicate with each other. They can be caused by minor electrical disturbance in the impulses causing the heart to beat out of proper order. In some cases, heart blocks can also be congenital or hereditary due to the lack of natural pacemaking.


Heart blocks may or may not be severe based on the degree of the heart block and its effect on the heart. More often than not, heart blocks are completely missed and the patient may never come to know of it. But in more severe cases, there are missed heartbeats which disrupts the way the heart pumps blood to the body, causing the heartbeat rate to drop and therefore cause symptoms such as -


  • Lightheadedness
  • Chest pains
  • Breathlessness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Fainting
  • Not being able to carry out  exercises


When these symptoms are present, one must immediately make note of any such new changes in the way the patient feels and present themselves for a check up at the best hospital in Bangalore for a checkup. In many cases, a mild heart block requires no treatment but in most cases, it may require treatment in the form of medication or a procedure.

Treatment for Heart Blocks

Heart blocks cannot be completely cured but it can be effectively managed. There are two major techniques to manage heart blocks -

  1. Medication

Drugs such as Streptokinases can be administered by a doctor to the patient in case of moderate heart blocks or second-degree heart blocks where intervention is required. These medicines help in regulating the heart rhythm and help in the effective and normal functioning of the heart.

  1. Pacemaker

An artificial pacemaker is the best method to treat a severe or third-degree heart block. The pacemaker performs similar to the heart's natural pacemaker rhythm and helps keep the heartbeat regular. It can easily be attached to the left shoulder of the patient and electrically wired so that the device can monitor and produce electrical impulses that help in maintaining the natural heart rhythm.

Preventing Heart Blocks

Heart blocks can be prevented with some easy and simple steps that one can follow. In most cases, heart blocks can also be congenital - that means present from birth due to some arrhythmia in the heart, and in some other cases, heart blocks can also be hereditary. For all the others, the following tips can be effective in preventing heart blocks:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Proper Diet with low fat, low sodium food
  • Exercising regularly for at least 45 mins every day
  • Consulting a doctor or taking medical exams at least once a year.