Is an Enclosure Worth Investing In for Your Pool?

Is an Enclosure Worth Investing In for Your Pool?

To build an inground pool costs anywhere between $35000 to $100000. This seems like a hefty price to pay by itself and could have some people thinking twice about investing more in swimming pool enclosures.


Pool enclosures could cost an additional $4000 to $11500, but the short answer to this dilemma is yes. If you can bear the cost, it is a good idea to get a pool enclosure. For the long answer, here are some of the many reasons explaining the benefits of investing in a pool enclosure.

It Enables You To Enjoy The Pool In Any Weather

Having the protection of an enclosure enables you to enjoy the pool throughout the year, regardless of the season. During winter, the enclosure provides insulation from the elements as you swim, virtually guaranteeing you an indoor-like pool. It also reduces considerably the utility cost needed in heating the pool.


During warmer climates, the polycarbonate material of the enclosure shields you from the ultraviolet rays and absorbs much of the heat.


Some swimming pool enclosures are well-engineered and can be easily retracted, which gives you the option to enjoy the open air in ideal weather conditions within minutes.


Your ability to enjoy the pool you spent a lot on will not be at the mercy of the weather if you have a reliable pool enclosure.

Lower Cost On Pool Maintenance

A pool enclosure blocks dust and debris such as dead leaves or insects from falling into the water of the pool. This means less frequency of maintenance, such as cleaning the water and the filters, chemical treatments, and water replacements. It translates to reduced costs and bigger savings in the long run.


Another way that an enclosure brings you cost savings is by reducing evaporation of the pool water. With a lower rate of water loss, you would not need to fill the pool as much if it is exposed.

Increases The Value Of Your Property

A well-designed pool enclosure can increase the value of your property. Aside from giving your pool extended functionality, it also comes in sleek and customisable designs that can be made to complement the exterior of your house and enhance its curb appeal.

Safety For Small Children

The biggest benefit of investing in swimming pool enclosures is safety. Children aged zero to five years are the most vulnerable to drowning due to an unsecured pool. The reasons vary from the inefficiency of gates or doors, insufficient maintenance of barriers, to poor barrier design.


In accordance with Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia requires private swimming pools deeper than 300mm to have sufficient barriers that can restrict access by young children without being accompanied by an adult. Non-compliance with this regulation could subject the owner to substantial penalties.   


Most pool enclosures have a lockable door that ensures small children would not be able to access the pool unsupervised, giving you peace of mind at all times that small children are not at risk from drowning.

Solid Return On Investment

There are more ways that a pool enclosure can be beneficial, but these alone are more than enough to justify the cost of investment. It is like a gift that keeps on giving, as you will save more money from maintenance, and utility costs are years pass by.