Importance of Installation of Crane and Commissioning

Importance of Installation of Crane and Commissioning

In construction and industrial work, Cranes are one of the most important pieces of equipment that are regularly used. Some of the biggest benefits of installing a crane at a construction site includes its flexibility and its movability which make them a practical solution for several difficult tasks. Generally, cranes are used for lifting extremely heavy objects, transporting materials to desired locations in the construction, mining, petrochemical industry or loading and unloading freight in the transport industry.

Proper Installation of Cranes Is a Must for Effective Operation

It is essential to ensure that a crane is rightfully installed so that it can be operated efficiently and without any downtime. It is also essential to ensure that safety protocols and measures are adhered to when cranes are installed at the worksites especially if it is near other structures.

Skilled Professionals are Required for Effective Crane Installation

The skilled professionals can provide effective new crane installation and commissioning services. The experts are knowledgeable and well-equipped to offer installation of crane services and commissioning of several types of cranes such as overhead travelling cranes, HB systems, Jib cranes, single/double girder suspension cranes, lightweight mobile gantry, etc. Their in-depth understanding extends beyond the components of every crane and is evident during its installation.

A dedicated project coordinator is assigned to handle customer queries and requirements for the process of crane installation. The designated engineers then secure the delivery of the new crane to the construction site and the installation process is initiated with proper expertise and utmost professionalism. The experts also ensure that the new crane is installed precisely, tested, and commissioned as per the customer requirements, safety standards, and the new crane installation service and commissioning services.

The professionals are committed to international norms and standards to ensure optimum and smooth functioning of the installed cranes at the customer sites, whether it be in construction sites or any other facility. A major part of the focus of the experts is on the application of safety standards and ensuring that the safety devices are set up properly during the new crane installation service.


During the entire process of new crane installation and commission, the experts continually ensure its safe and efficient operation by adhering to safety procedures to avoid on-site accidents. A dedicated Quality and Testing team tests each functionality and performance of the new cranes once the process of installation has been completed. This process also allows Q &T team to modify certain functionalities as per the customer or other requirements. The customers can always be assured for safe and precise installation and commission of new cranes as per industry standards.


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