Discovering Axiology Lipstick for the First Time

At first glance, Axiology seems to lure you in with stunning lipsticks in nourishing formulas and beautiful packaging. After exploring everything that Axiology has to offer, you soon discover that there is so much more to this brand that you can’t help but find impressive every step of the way. From the original idea behind the brand to the finished product, Axiology has our attention. Let’s take a look at the iconic Axiology lipstick and why it should already be in your makeup collection.

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Creating the Formula
Axiology was created when the founder Ericka Rodriguez first realized that her entire collection of lipsticks came from brands that participated in animal testing. She wanted to make a change in her relationship with beauty products, so she promptly switched to cruelty-free, vegan formulas, only to face another issue. It seemed all of the vegan lipsticks on the market were drying on the lips and uncomfortable to wear. Ericka knew what she wanted, so she began researching ingredients and created her own lipsticks that were comfortable and hydrating while still providing pigment. She ended up with a relatively short list of ingredients, but each one plays a large role in the formula, so you know there are no unwanted fillers. She chose nourishing ingredients like castor oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and elderberry extract as the base of the formula, using other natural ingredients like manganese violet to add color. The Axiology lipstick formula is a great example of how clean beauty products can provide you with great performance and safe ingredients all at once.

Selecting the Colors
With a high-quality, comfortable formula established, the next concern is deciding on the right colors for a line of lipsticks. You want to see a good range that covers the gamut so that everyone can find colors that work for their skin tones or personal tastes. Axiology lip products have something for everybody. If you are looking for your daily nudes, a statement red, or a rich plum, you can find an Axiology lipstick that delivers on color benefit and comfort. Axiology had to consider how each color would work with the particular formulas they were using. The Lip to Lid Balmies line of products has a more sheer, hydrating finish than the cream lipsticks do, so it makes sense for them to include softer colors that add the perfect flush of color to the lips. The cream lipstick line is moisturizing but also delivers on vibrant pigmentation all day long, so it is the perfect formula for a more bold color.

Testing Out the Lippies
Once you get your hands on the Axiology lipstick formula for yourself, you will immediately see that all of Ericka's efforts paid off with a beautifully pigmented and nourishing lipstick. Even after wearing an Axiology lipstick for the entire day, you can still check the mirror and see that same impactful color that you saw when you first applied it hours earlier. Once you do finally remove it, you'll notice that your lips feel soft and hydrated from all of the rich oils used to create them. The brand’s ethics for vegan ingredients and recycled, sustainable packaging only makes you feel all the more confident wearing your lipstick every day.

Each Axiology lipstick delivers on a comfortable, nourishing formula with a pop of color. Ericka Rodriguez had a vision for creating hydrating, vegan lipsticks and she absolutely succeeded in doing just that. Her lipsticks are as beautiful as they are comfortable on the lips and we have to applaud her determination to bring something new to the market because now we are able to enjoy these nourishing lip products. Take a look at the Axiology lip products available at now and pick out the colors you just need to try right away. Just so you know, you might have trouble picking only one.

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