All About The Vitality Of Geriatric Care

All About The Vitality Of Geriatric Care

The science of preventing diseases and promoting health in the elderly comes under geriatric care. Its purpose is to maintain the health of the elderly population, and to identify and treat the condition in the beginning. As the ageing population forms a significant part of society and medical problems, it has now become an essential part. Therefore, it is vital to care for the elders and provide them with better healthcare facilities.

Geriatric Prevention: Current Scenario

Old-adults in India is affected by communicable and non-communicable diseases. According to the government's statistical report, cardiovascular disease in India accounts for one-third of the mortality rate of the elderly. In contrast, respiratory diseases, including TB, have a mortality rate of up to 10% due to infection. 

Professional Geriatric Care

These services include the provision of counselling services in which the elderly can take advantage of complete health support faced under stressful lives, interpersonal conflicts, and events of change and ageing. Along with healthcare, professional carers also provide provision for mobility assistance in geriatric. They also offer 'programmed health facilities', along with the availability of physiotherapy services. Also, they provide education to improve sensory impairment related to vision and hearing, gastrostomy feeding, etc.

Provide The Required Nutrition To Elderly

As elders grow, their food patterns and nutrition requirements change. They need more calcium, Vitamins especially vitamin D and vitamin B12, iron, antioxidants, and other sorts of nutritional compositions. Together with calcium and vitamin D3, bisphosphonates are strongly recommended to elderly females for postmenopausal osteoporosis. Besides, elders get the required nutritious meal on time. A balanced diet is essential to prevent many chronic diseases in the elderly, and it helps to reduce the severity of diseases. All these points are well taken care by these professional elder care service providers.

Other Benefits of Geriatric Care

With Geriatric care, elders get all facilities at their doorstep, such as ECG test, diabetes check, thyroid test, vaccinations eye examination, health care serviceand so on. Here’re some benefits of geriatric care. 


  • Increased Diagnostic Accuracy: Diagnostic accuracy needs to be improved in a growing elderly population. With geriatric caring, timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases are assured. 


  • Improved functional status and survival: Functional status means the ability of people to perform necessary daily activities. A thorough examination of geriatric syndrome helps identify the risks and causes of functional impairment.


  • Proper Medication: As the elderly population is susceptible to many diseases or health conditions, they are at a higher risk of poly-pharmacy (simultaneous use of multiple drugs), and therefore adherence to medicines can be a significant problem. But with professional geriatric care, elders get perfect medication for better health.


  • Assistance in Daily Activities: With caring services, elders get full help for their daily activities. From dressing to grooming and toileting to bathing, professionals provide assistance in everything that elders do. 


  • Prevents Dignity: As elders grow, they become dependent on others, and this makes them feel bad, and in some cases, they lose their dignity too. But with professional services, elders don’t feel dependent on family members; thus, their dignity remains prevented. 


  • Improved Lifestyle: With growing age, elders come across many changes in their life. The insufficiency of not performing well impacts their lifestyle in adverse ways. However, the professional carers provide them with various facilities ensuring an improved lifestyle for them.

The Bottom Line

Such managers controlling the geriatric operations, ensure the day-to-day tasks of the elders, to further ensure utmost care. This makes such services a bit more reliable. Are you also looking for a professional carer for your beloved elderly? Let us tell you that there are various professional caring services out there, e.g., Emoha. Emoha being a leading eldercare company, is known for its trusted services, Emoha has a well-trained staff who has expertise in dealing with elders. You can reach out to them at 1800-123-445555 or