Decontamination and Sanitation Tunnel for Mass Disinfection of People

Decontamination and Sanitation Tunnel for Mass Disinfection of People

Summary: A large number of people are still required to gather and work in close quarters despite large scale lock downs. Decontamination and sanitation tunnel tents can ensure their safety in such close quarters.


The ongoing virus crisis has restricted many people to their homes, but still in order to ensure that life goes on for most people without any large problem, a huge number of people still have to come to work. The most important of these groups is healthcare workers. Utility company employees, police and domestic law enforcement offices are also among the people who are bravely contributing to the struggle against virus.


All of these people are at great risk of infection because they come in frequent contact with people who are known or can be suspected to be already virus positive. In addition, the military forces and trainees across the world are doing their work under immense threat potential.


As the very nature of job of these emergency workers requires them to gather at one place on a defined time period, these people need a large-scale disinfection solution. The decontamination and sanitation tunnel has become one of the preferred ways to ensure that a large number of people can be cleaned and disinfected from any external pathogens.


These tunnels act as a passageway which contains mist and spray of disinfecting and sanitizing chemicals. They can be placed at entry and exit points to major gathering areas and when the personnel pass through the tunnel, they become cleaned by exposure to spray of the disinfecting chemicals.

Why Are Tunnels So Effective?

The main reason that these tunnels are so effective is because first, everyone has to pass through them at both entry and exit. There is no other way in and out of the common area. Anyone who wants access to or exit from common area will have to go through the tunnel. Secondly, these tunnels use atomizers which create very small micro droplets of the sanitizing chemicals.


These microdroplets are very light and thus in an enclosed environment like the decontamination tunnel, they are able to reach every part of the body of people in the tunnel.  Microdroplets can easily penetrate through their clothes as well. Both these factors mean that even with limited amounts of sanitizing chemicals, the tunnels are able to provide very deep decontamination. 

Purchasing Sanitation Tunnels

Considering the current situation and very high demand of decontamination and sanitation tunnel, it is best to cast as wide a net as possible to procure these items. You must look for online suppliers of these tents who have the capability to provide these tents in bulks. Many manufacturers keep extra tents in stock to cater for large or unexpected orders. Online suppliers will be able to easily cover even the largest orders because they have multiple warehouses from where they can ensure quick delivery of ordered products.