Mixing Things Well With Dissolution Test Apparatus

Mixing Things Well With Dissolution Test Apparatus

In any lab, there is always a lot of mixing going on and if this mixing is not done according to experimental specifications, results of experiments will be way off what was expected. It is therefore necessary to use specialized mixing equipment built to tight specifications. This is where  s has become the industry standard.


Most commonly used in the pharma industry, dissolution testing is the key method of quality control and in vitro drug release information gathering. The devices help the labs find out time and rate at which a tablet or a capsule will dissolve in the digestive system and how long before its chemicals can be expected to start working. In simplest terms, the apparatus helps the medicine companies find out how long before a medicine can be expected to start providing relief to a patient. The devices are built to USP/IP compliance which ensures that results are standardized can be recreated of need arises.

Key features of dissolution equipment:

  • Single or multiple station options like 6, 8 or 14, depending upon the workload involved.
  • Speeds can be programmed from 20 rpm to 200 rpm
  • Multiple programming modes allow different stations to work at different speeds
  • Soft touch keys ensure product spillage does not damage machine
  • Spillage alerts and audiovisual alarms in case of malfunction
  • Sample storage possible after test cycle completion
  • Water bath and beakers are of standardized sizes and are easy to clean

Considerations for purchase of apparatus:

The devices you should look for must be microprocessor controlled for minimal operator input. Water bath should be made of acrylic and heaters should be made of stainless-steel. Stirrers should be programmable. Failsafe systems and redundancy must be built for temperature and rpm control. This will ensure experiment remains true. Printer port and programming modes are also good to have things in these devices.

Sampling in dissolution equipment:

Dissolution test apparatus relies a lot on sampling uniformity. Always ensure that the equipment you purchase comes with jars of size 1 liter minimum, stirrer pedals and baskets. Make sure that heater is minimum 500 watts, though 1 kilowatt heater is preferred. Single phase, 220V industrial power supply compliance is needed to keep the equipment operational. Sampling accessories you must demand for include water bath, temperature sensor, external temperature sensor, reaction vessel capacity 1000 ml, round acrylic cover plate, stainless-steel paddle andstainless-steel wire mesh basket.

Purchasing the equipment:

Being a highly specialized, pharma grade device, this machine may not be available to everyone in open market. To procure this machine, utilize the official channels of your company to approach a manufacturer directly. This way you can ensure that you get the best quality equipment at affordable prices.


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