How to find Roku Link Activation Code to setup Roku device through

How to find Roku Link Activation Code to setup Roku device through

Setting up the roku device for the first time can give you hard times. So if you’re afraid of making any wrong attempt while doing device activation then this post can help you out with its simple solutions. Here you will learn the tips and tricks to find Roku Activation code for After that, this post will teach you the steps to setup roku device using activation code.

Obtain Activation link enter code

  • Start with completing your basic device connection. Simply get your player unboxed and read the manual to start connecting the stick with your TV. By following the steps written in manual perform wire connection and let you device power up.
  • Do not use any random power adapter. As it may lead to roku powering issues for instance roku red light and low power alerts. 
  • Next, you will be asked to select your prefer language and display size. Switching to larger resolution is recommended if you are willing to watch roku HD content or digital channels like Netflix on roku.
  • Now setup roku wireless connection to connect Roku to the internet. Roku Wi-Fi is only required if you’re using the stick.
  • From here, you should need to wait for a while until the activation code appears on TV screen. 
  • Although, if you get activation Roku Error code 001 then it shows that your roku is not connected to the internet. So you will need to troubleshoot your home network here.

Procedure to setup device 

After you get roku activation code, you will start with the steps below:

  • Using a computer browser proceed to
  • Do not confuse with any duplicate/fraud URL.
  • On the provided space, enter the activation code carefully. Next, you need to press the submit button.
  • If everything appears fine it will take you to the account login page else and screen error with following content will generate: Roku won't connected to internet.
  • Now get into your roku account if you’re an existing user or choose to create an account. 
  • It will ask your basic information and payment details that is required to purchase public channels. Remember that buying the public/non-certified channels is completely optional and depends upon user consent.

What to do if I continue to get activation error

There can be several reasons why your roku fails to activate. However, the issues can be corrected using below mentioned solutions:

  • Check your internet is working. In many cases, the error may also trigger if signal quality is weak (in case of roku wireless).
  • If you’re not a cord-cutter and using the Ethernet, then verify the wire is not damaged and connected.
  • Roku server is active and there is no outage.
  • Enter the code again to see if this works.
  • Use different web browser to access
  • If the problem still won’t resolve, try to get a new activation code.


Users who want to activate their Roku TV using Roku link code through roku setup link will find this post helpful. The post will also define what and how to do if any activation error arises including roku 009 error code.