It is a type of oven commonly used to dehydrate laboratory reagents or dry instruments or industrial heat solution. The oven increases its temperature gradually as time passes as well as its programming, when the temperature is optimal and stabilizes, the thermal will maintain the temperature; if it drops, it will reactivate the heating elements to obtain the set temperature. It has a control panel that shows the regulation point and the actual temperature inside the oven, it is mounted on the front for easy reading, although some previous models do not have it, these have a graduated knob which regulates the oven temperature.


Vacuum Oven is equipment that reaches high temperatures and designed for routine heating and drying processes; it is used in many laboratory and industrial processes. This equipment can sometimes be called a vacuum furnace, depending on the industry in which it is used to provide ideal sterilization, drying and heating conditions. Thanks to the high isolation and PID microprocessor control system in the devices, very good temperature distribution and stability are provided. It provides fast and efficient heating with air circulation fans. Vacuum ovens have an accuracy of + -1 ° C and the time in which it stabilizes is calculated between 20 minutes to 35 minutes, this can vary due to the volume of material inside the equipment and the size of the chamber. Working Temperature 50 ° C to 200 ° C. Ideal solution for heat treatment, drying, curing, simulation of environments with other characteristics of gases or contaminated environments.


These vacuum ovens (vacuum furnaces) are available in different configurations to suit different types of applications. Among the possible applications, you can choose the ideal vacuum oven according to your application, whether for use in incineration processes, food quality control, metal treatments, material coating, among others. It is noteworthy that these vacuum ovens are commonly used in research to determine what proportion of a sample is non-combustible and non-volatile, delivering reliable results so you can have greater control over the components and quality of your materials. Finally, these vacuum ovens are present in several segments, from general laboratories to large industries.


Due to the high temperatures, the ovens need to be coated with specialized material, refractory materials, so that they do not harm the quality and that there is no risk to the safety of the place and its employees.

  • Temperature control with PID type microprocessor and LED display.
  • Interior: stainless steel
  • Double tempered glass door
  • High degree of vacuum in the chamber.
  • Standard vacuum pump


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