Green Tea with Goodness of Tulsi: A Winner for Health

Green Tea with Goodness of Tulsi: A Winner for Health

High immunity and good metabolism have emerged as important components of good health, among many others. While some foods and lifestyle habits provide immunity, a few of them boost metabolism. But a combination of the two would be ideal for anyone who on the road to achieving goals of good health.

While for metabolism and weight loss, green tea has emerged as a preferred option, on the other hand, Tulsi has been a well-known booster for immunity. First, let’s have a look at their individual benefits:

Benefits of green tea

  • It contains high amounts of antioxidants that may protect the body from infections and fight illnesses.
  • It has amino acid L-theanine that may have a relaxing effect and reduce stress.
  • The caffeine present in green tea may boost brain function
  • Consuming green may have an impact on increasing metabolism that can aid weight loss and fat reduction.
  • Green tea is known to promote skin health.

Benefits of Tulsi

  • Tulsi is a natural source of Vitamin C and Zinc which makes it a great immunity booster.
  • It is full of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and protects from infections and illnesses.
  • Camphene, cineole and eugenol present in Tulsi are great to reduce congestion in the chest due to cough and cold.
  • Tulsi is great to improve heart health as it reduces inflammation, blood pressure and blood lipid content.
  • Studies have shown that extract of Tulsi leaves can reduce blood sugar levels among people with Type 2 diabetes

A look at the benefits tells us that green tea and Tulsi, consumed in moderation and in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle habits can have a positive impact on health.

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