Cardboard box often gives a very unique experience to the customers. As a result, the customers start recognizing that brand that came up with a unique type of packing technique. In this way, the brand manages to do the branding with the way it chooses to demonstrate its products on the shelves in the retail store. Gone are the days when different companies would use the packaging boxes for covering their products only.





These days, most of the brands are more focused on the promotion of their products than the covering. A lot of cheap cardboard boxes are available in the market that not only enhances the brand but also enables the brand to capture the attention of the customers. These days, different custom printed cardboard boxes are being used for the advertisement of the product a brand sell. Therefore, they need to be made attractive.




  • The use of cardboard boxes has become extensive. Almost 30% of the brands have started to use these boxes for marketing purposes.
  • Cardboard boxes are usually made with cardboard paper and therefore, they are the least expensive
  • A box that fits a product in it perfectly usually protects the product and prevents it from getting harmed
  • If the size of the box is chosen carefully, it saves the brand from taking additional steps of packaging at the time of shipping.


Every brand needs to do branding with the use of custom printed cardboard boxes. There are many ways in which these boxes can promote a brand and help it generate the maximum profit. Let’s see how these brands can impact the promotion of a brand




The material of the box matters a lot especially when you are branding with the box. The box should not break while it is taking the product from source to destination. Hence, a box should be sturdy no matter what material it comprises. A brand gets the freedom to choose the desired material. This is an additional benefit that comes with buying custom-printed cardboard boxes.

The safety of the product is the first and foremost aspect that one should never ignore. Strong boxes are capable of keeping the product safe and sound no matter where the product is transported.





Custom boxes allow the brand to do the printing on the boxes of its choice. If the brand manages to do the printing in such a way that it attracts customers, the brand can easily make a profit. This seems to be easy but in actual it is not. A brand has to be careful while choosing what to print on the box. If the printing content is not appropriate or up to the mark, it will end up disappointing the customers.



When products of a particular brand are on shelves but are not being noticed by customers, obviously the purpose of choosing the printed boxes will disappear. For branding, the product has to be on shelves and attract customers. This is possible only with the right type of printing.



For choosing the printing content, the brand should conduct some research and see what works for attracting customers and what does not. The printing needs to be in accordance with the product the box houses. For example, if a brand sells kids’ toys, the packaging must use animated images or such attractive material.




Many people think that shape of the box does not matter. They simply choose a traditionally square-shaped box and pack a product. This is good as far as packing of the product is concerned. However, when the branding is to be done, one should consider various shapes of the boxes. To do branding with shapes, you should make sure that you choose the shape which is not usually chosen. The unique shape will attract customers and they will give your products a second look when they look at it. It does not cost much to a brand. It can even choose cheap custom boxes for branding purposes.




The type of information that is usually provided on the boxes is the same. It also depends on the type of product that has been packed inside the box. For example, all the eatable things include ingredients list on their packaging. To stand out, some brands also add nutritional value to the packaging. When customers see this, they feel that the brand is conscious about their health and hence, buy the products of that brand.



Apart from that, some brands also go for proving their credibility in the market. For example, the brands that sell cosmetic products often tell the customers that they have been approved by dermatologists. This makes them prove that they are more credible and customers can trust them when it comes to using their cosmetic products.




Every brand has its unique style while using a kind of packaging box for its products. This style needs to be maintained so that brand can maintain its identification in the market. Brands are also likely to get more recognition when they maintain their style and use it every time. Usually, brands use logos or slogans to demonstrate on the packaging. Some also have a unique colour scheme to demonstrate. This helps customers recognize the brand.




Nowadays, branding is not easy. There is so much that goes into it. Since there is a lot of competition in the market, every brand has to struggle to take its place. Different tools can be used for branding purposes such as cardboard boxes. If you want to use readymade boxes, you should know where to buy cardboard boxes.