Top nightclubs in Las Vegas for a kickass night!

Top nightclubs in Las Vegas for a kickass night!

The happening aspect of Las Vegas comes to life when everyone goes to sleep and the streets are empty. The city is loaded with various chilling zones and party places for its visitors. Partying lineage of Las Vegas is very well-known and everyone wants to spend a night in the enchanting city at least once in a lifetime. After chilling out the whole day, spend your night at one of the hottest nightclubs in the city. Star DJs, bottle service, opulent spaces, and celebrity hosts are the best things about these nightclubs. If you don’t like dance clubs, then various bars and lounges are available that offer a sophisticated environment. 

Explore best nightclubs in Las Vegas

Here is the list of top clubs that will satisfy the party lover inside you. 

  • Hakkasan

Have you heard about Hakkasan? No, well you are living in a different world. It is one of the best clubs and every other club wants to be like it. This three-level club has its own groundbreaking light show, valet, and restaurant. The place is massive and it calls the world’s biggest DJs. Hakkasn will blow your mind with the type of night it offers. This place gives you the exact scenario whenever you think of a party. Fly to Las Vegas at minimal fares with JetBlue Airlines. Initiate the JetBlue book a flight process and confirm your reservation at much ease. 

  • Omnia

Do you love dancing away all night? Then this is the right place for you. This high-tech chandelier gives you the right feel of the party and you can’t stop your feet from dancing. When you enter this place, the first thing that you will notice is the huge spaceship-looking LED chandelier. The star power of Omnia is huge and various top celebrities play music at this place. You will get various great pictures to upload on your Instagram feed. 

  • Jewel

Though this nightclub is smaller than some other clubs in Vegas, but the energy and atmosphere of the place are unmatchable. This ultra-modern party spot is very popular among youth and they come here to have a thrilling or fun night with their friends. You will definitely feel the wow-factor after entering the place. The interior of Jewel is opulent and you will be mesmerized at this place. The dance floor is very giant and you can dance till the morning. 

  • Tao

Tao is a dramatic nightclub that is situated above an Asian fine dining restaurant. It is one of the most versatile clubs on the strip. With an Asian restaurant downstairs and a pool upstairs, this club is always full of crowds. This place is glorious and gorgeous and it plays different music. At the entrance, you will see bathtubs that are filled with rose petals. You can easily escape the chaos and have some fresh air in the outdoor balcony. DJs mix up formats to create a happening party atmosphere. 

  • Drai’s

If stunning views are also your preference along with the club, then this is an ideal place for you. Day or night, there is no better plan than Drai’s. The party destination is situated on the Cromwell hotel top floor. Hip-hop and rap fans can come here without any second thoughts. 


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