Why Should You Choose Morning Desert Safari In Dubai?

Why Should You Choose Morning Desert Safari In Dubai?

Dubai is an important location in UAE that is known to offer world-class and unforgettable desert safari experiences at multiple times a day. The city hugely anticipates the enormity of desert backdrop moreover the captivating nature which a morning desert safari Dubai stick out, is able to give your morning a kick start for an adventurous day.


Unlike other safari tours in Dubai, Dubai morning desert safari packages are high on demand. Most of the tourists visiting this desert city are pepped up to take an adventure ride through the sand dunes.


In the morning time in Dubai, the sun appears above on your head with its golden glow which anticipates the real beauty and tranquility of the Arabian Desert after falling on the soft sands. And, this can happen only in Dubai and nowhere else in the world. The more you spend time on the desert here the more you cherish it for your life.

Why morning desert safari Dubai is better than an evening safari?

It’s solely as time matters!

People, who are planning to visit Dubai may be thinking that morning desert safari can be too hot and so it is better to opt for an evening safari… this is not true! Who has enjoyed the experience earlier and also the locals believe that morning time is the best for doing a safari as the sun does not remain exactly on the top of your head. It means you will get more time to enjoy a number of activities in plenty of sunlight.


While, on the other hand, an evening safari begins in the late afternoon and lasts only until the dusk.


Dubai morning desert safari from the airport offers you an exclusive chance to get into safari things exactly after your landing in the desert city. This time opens great chances for you to spot some unusual wildlife like gazelle species and Arabian oryxes which you may not get to watch in the evening.


During the morning time, you get an opportunity to spot some exotic species of birds which come out this time of the day.


Other than this, morning safari time offers you chances to engage yourself in a number of adventure activities such as hot balloon ride. This is counted as one of the most thrilling and charming safari rides in Dubai.


Also, morning is the best time of the day to indulge you with some savory breakfast dishes on the sand.

Activities to perform in morning desert safari Dubai:

In the morning, cool breeze passes through the desert which creates a unique atmosphere for plenty of desert safari activities including dune buggy ride, sandboarding, etc. Apart from these, camel riding is one of the popular attractions of the safari tours here.

The attractions of Morning desert Dubai safari at a glance-

• Came riding & sightseeing on the dunes

• Delectable dune breakfast

• Sandboarding/ sand skiing on the sand dunes

• Quad bike riding using ATV vehicles

• Breeding camel firm visit

• Safari through the red dunes

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