Top 7 Fast Food Delivery Apps For Android Or iOS

Top 7 Fast Food Delivery Apps For Android Or iOS

Ever since its debut, the fast-food delivery market is growing exponentially. The total worth of the global food delivery app market reached a total of USD 23,539.40 million. Experts predict it to grow at a rate of 15.4% in the 2019-2025 period. Such astonishing figures makes it a good option for the restaurant industry to invest in the development of such digital platforms. 


Buying food delivery script can empower any restaurant website with advanced functionalities. The flexibility of the food delivery PHP scripts allows the developer to customize it while simplifying the process of app development. 

Before investing in the food delivery app development, it is suggested to have knowledge about what the competitors have to offer. This article covers the list of top seven fast-food delivery apps for Android and iOS. 

Top 7 Fast Food Delivery Apps

Scroll down to discover the top trending fast food delivery apps in 2020.


It's been more than 6 years since UberEats is making news in the market. UberEats is an American based company that deals in food ordering and delivery. The platform is a branch of the parent company Uber that was launched in the year 2009. 


UberEats features a web application as well as a mobile application that facilitates convenient food ordering. Over the years, the company has improvised the concept making its way into the list of most successful food delivery apps.


The company has worked hard to justify its name, i.e. 'Seamless' by emphasizing on providing seamless food delivery services. The application allows the customer to choose from multiple menus from different restaurants covering almost all cuisines and specialities. 


The food ordering platform features a variety of payment options promoting hassle-free checkouts. Moreover, the food ordering app allows the customer to leave comments and ratings that eventually attracts new users. 


Yet another popular food ordering app, GrubHub has established its business in more than 1000 cities linking more 40000 restaurants on a single platform. GrubHub offers some advanced features that make it a cut above its competitors. Users can conveniently search the desired foods or restaurants from the search bar. 


Moreover, the app saves the addresses every time the user makes an order from, thus encouraging faster checkouts. Also, the order gets automatically saved, allowing the user to repeat it instead of manually ordering the same items every time. 


The platform is free to use; however, some restaurants charge a nominal or a minimal delivery fee. 


The creation of innovative Stanford students, DoorDash was an initiative to provide on-demand logistics to the customers. The brand now covers more than 300 cities, that is enough to flaunt off its success. 


The concept of 'Delight Score' is something that makes the food ordering platform stand apart from the rest of its competitors. It offers a wide range of lip-smacking cuisines that makes it a one-stop solution for ordering meals. The food ordering app also features real-time tracking that elevates the customer experience. 


Postmate is a concept beyond the simple food ordering and delivering. It is more like Amazon that also facilitates on-demand food ordering and delivery. The brand has recently partnered with the retail giant, the Walmart, that has contributed to extending its domain. 


Postmates charges a delivery fee on every order unless the customer subscribes to the paid membership that can be purchased and renewed on a monthly basis. The platform also provides the privilege to shop alcoholic beverages that make the app a bang on!


Deliveroo is a British food ordering app. The company has collaborated with over 10000 restaurants based in the UK and features almost every type of cuisine. Deliveroo provides quick delivery to soothe cravings without any delay. 


Deliveroo has proved its potency in many countries including Dubai, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, UK and many more. This app is a great option to order food from for experience a quick delivery. 


Apart from placing and receiving orders made for restaurants, the business deals in snack and fruits delivery as well. Also, the platform offers services for corporate events that further enriches the experience. 


Talabat is the food delivery app that has gained immense popularity in the middle east. The platform promises to deliver food across the following territories- Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.


The app allows the user to toggle between more than 10000 restaurants hence displaying a large number of dishes to choose from. Also, the multiple payment options add a versatile touch. The platform frequently offers discounts that enhance user engagement. 

Final words

The on-demand food delivery business is flourishing at a rapid pace. These platforms are actively used by smartphone users of every age group. The variety of food available and the convenience to get it delivered at the doorstep are important reasons that contribute to its hype. With frequent offers and discounts flashing on the screen, users enjoy treating themselves with freshly made food. 


There are various business models that you can consider for your food delivery app development. Getting assistance from an experienced app development company to create a cross-platform food delivery app can be a lucrative business venture.