The Future of Corporate Gifting Solutions
The Future of Corporate Gifting Solutions

The Future of Corporate Gifting Solutions

Regular reward and recognition programmes have been doing platforms throughout the corporate ambience and it’s just safe to say they have carved their ways into corporate gifting with a point-based reward system. This mechanism is highly effective and automated for gratifying employees, peers, partners, and other stakeholders.


In the point-based rewarding system, the organisation has a platform wherein management allots points instead of money into the respective stakeholder’s profile as a token of gratitude, gift, reward, incentivisation or excellent performance.  These points will be added to the corporate gift cards which can be redeemed at the purchase of any product or service from the given platform. Therefore, corporates lookout for gift cards from brands that have multiple stores and has a vast reach.


One of such brands is Titan. It has got an array of gift cards and vouchers which can be enchased at any Titan store throughout India. We can keep our employees, stakeholders, distributors, channel partners, and success partners close to you by giving them the choice to choose their gifts themselves via gift cards and vouchers.


The beauty of a point-based reward system is that it’s highly flexible and versatile. There’s an element of freedom that gift cards give to the recipient. The point-based reward system can be used through India just like Business Gift Cards. With instant reward, recognition and easy enchantment to the recipients, it’s easy to say that point based rewarding system is the future of corporate gifting. Also, it encompasses all the cultural barriers and is, therefore, a win-win situation.


Now, let’s look at the best corporate gifts


Gift Vouchers: Electronic and physical gift cards and vouchers are winning the hearts of the people. The liquidity and flexibility that comes with it are rather liberating. It gives the power to recipients to spend the vouchers wisely. In the present day, gift vouchers range from lifestyles, eyecare, perfumes, watches, clothes, footwear, gold & silver voucher and etc.


Perks: It’s a part of the employees’ benefits packages. These non - wage compensatory schemes are easier to run when there’s a point-based rewarding system. They can keep the catalogue at bay and choose the product of their interest.


Experiences: What would your employees rejoice on? A customised pen, a gold gift card or a travel voucher? Experiences are a better gift option - even in corporate gifting.


Health and wellness: With health awareness in the youth, health and wellness are building gaining importance. Gift vouchers can be redeemed at the health stores and famous gyms as well.


Gift Boxes: Something never goes out of fashion. One such gift is the gift boxes. It is the classic gift that still charms people. 


Merchandise: Merchandise gifting has evolved the corporate gifting mechanism. Now corporates use merchandise gifting as a tool to promote their business. The customised watches, bottles, bags, bags are given as welcome kits along with the gift bags to professional associates.  Corporates are going with customised and personalised gifting options.