Steps to Design and Develop a Stunning Website

Steps to Design and Develop a Stunning Website

Considering the latest trend and demand for online marketing in a present business context, most of the companies are heading for professional website designing and development to gain effective results. There are lots of steps involved in designing and developing a website. This post speaks about those steps which every online business owner should know.

There are different phases of web design services in Brighton as well as in other places. It also varies from designer to designer, but the basics remain the same. Below mentioned are the top 6 steps that are undertaken by most of the designers.

  • Collecting or gathering information

  • Formulating a plan

  • Designing using latest trends

  • Developing the website

  • Testing the website

  • Maintenance


  1. Collecting or gathering information

This is the first and the foremost step for doing website designing. This is the step in which the designer or the developer gathers related information about the website development company in Brighton, its business goals, objectives, and how they are helpful for its clients.

Certain pointers should be taken into consideration while working on this first step, and they are:

  •  Purpose - It is the reason behind creating the website

  • Goals- What kind of goals to be fulfilled after creating the website 

  • Target audience – Is there any specific target group, or is it a generalized audience whom the company is targeting.

  • Content – The type of information the audience will seek from the website and how they can be educated about any particular products or services.


  1. Formulating a plan

This stage mainly deals in formulating a proper plan to design the website using the information gathered in step 1. In this step, the designers prepare the site map, which will guide what type of content should be there on the website. One must keep in mind that the interface of the website should be user-friendly to make it easy to navigate.

  1. Designing using latest trends

Now the actual work begins, and this where all the information gathered will come into action. The designers doing website design in Brighton or from any other location should also keep in mind about their target audience and should design the website as per the requirement. For example, the outlook of a website meant for teenagers will be different from a financial institution website.

In this stage, the designer also sends a demo version of the website to the client to check whether the website will be satisfying the requirement of its target audience or not.

  1. Developing the website

This is where the website starts taking its actual outlook. In this stage, the designer takes all the graphic elements from the demo version and uses them to make the site functional. The designers also make use of elements of content management like WordPress to make the website functional. Writing effective CSS or HTML codes is also an integral part of this step.

  1. Testing the website 

This step is quite technical as it involves using an FTP program (File Transfer Protocol). These files are then uploaded to the server. In this step, designers also undertake methods like web hosting, domain name registration, etc. You can check out from a reliable service provider for more detailed information about the same. 

  1. Maintenance

This is one of the most important parts of developing and designing a website. In this step, the designers constantly scroll the website to make further amendments in order to fetch more traffic to the website. Some of the activities in this step include additional plug-in installation, WordPress upgrades, site backups, etc.  

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