Pre-Employment Testing and Psychometric Assessments Are Beneficial For Businesses

Pre-Employment Testing and Psychometric Assessments Are Beneficial For Businesses

When it comes to excuses for poor and pitiable employee behavior, small business identities have heard it all — from bad hair days to faulty alarm clocks. The fact is that sometimes the excuses are a major part of a chronic problem and it is wise to identify these types of bad behavior right up front. In short, finding chronic absenteeism, sticky fingers or bursts of aggressive behavior after the fact is not only bad for business actually, it is quite stressful and expensive too.


Simply put, rarely does the hiring of a candidate with high-risk behaviors as well as attitude end well. At best, these candidates are the individuals who turned employees are terminated without incident other than bad feelings and a lot of wasted resources and time.


However, sometimes, employees behaving badly are top scorers/performers and management prolongs the inevitable, hoping for a personality transformation via coaching, training, counseling, mentoring and a host of other events designed for the employee to see the light.


In simple words, while success is possible, most of these sorts of situations still end up in termination after a parade of victims surfaces, ranging from the customer who actually refuses to do business with you anymore to the co-workers who files a sexual harassment charge to the worker who gets caught stealing from the company.


There could be no denying to this fact that the case to use pre-employment testing has never been stronger than it is these days. The margin of mistake when hiring or promoting employees in today's corporate market has shrunk to a level of almost zero tolerance.


Even if it was possible to do the excellent interview and expose all the potential and skills and past flaws of a candidate, the time required to do it would make it prohibitively expensive and time consuming. While behavioral interviewing can be quite effective and working in the hiring process, successful behavioral interviewing is not fast.


That is why pre-employment testing is gaining popularity nowadays and is experiencing a meteoric rise in acceptance in small business. Of particular importance is the renewed interest in integrity and honesty tests. Unlike behavioral-based and personality tests which describe a candidate's potential job fit, integrity and honest tests attempt to reveal a candidate's attitude toward work.


In short, typical attitudes that are measured are hostility, honesty and dependability. More to the point, several assessments include the alternative of evaluating a candidate's attitude toward substance abuse, sexual harassment and computer misuse as well.


The main advantage to the employer is that instead of hearing the employees rationalize why these people are behaving badly after they are on the payroll, the company owner may get to the truth before a job is offered.


The lessons learned are:

1. Some employees have turned excuses for performing badly/wrongly into an art.

2. it’s not wise to try and ignore Mother Nature. When an individual admits that it's okay to "smack" a co-worker if he/she deserves it and its okay to flirt, believe him/her!

3. Integrity and honesty tests do work when applied and interpreted in a proper way. You will be surprised what you can learn before you put a new employee on the payroll.

Psychometric Assessments Are Also Worthy for the Organizations

Psychometric assessment is the study of the many facets of a person's character. It has grown in use in last few years due to its ability to identify the interests, attitude and personality traits of a person which help to determine a person's suitability for different types of job roles.


There are a plethora of factors which influence an individual's character. Psychometric assessments measure various these factors including a person's behavioral tendencies in certain situations and their aptitude to carry our particular tasks. In general, it is a sort of insight why psychometric tests have become so quite popular within the recruitment industry.


By establishing if an individual shows the correct mind set and aptitude in order to complete certain tasks then employers can match these outcomes to their own job specifications to decide whether the candidate is the correct person for the job.


However, it is not only employers that actually benefit from the results of these assessments. Although individuals will believe they know what they are interested in and their goals, these tests go into great depth and detail and outline your strengths and weaknesses as a human resource.


By meeting with a trained and experienced occupational psychologist you will surely be able to outline your desires and ambitions as well as closely find the career most suitable for these ambitions.


Now, it has been explained why psychometric assessments are so vital within the recruitment process, exactly what the tests comprises of will be looked at. The range of assessments goes into great depth. With a variety of human emotions and characteristics examined, completion of all questionnaires and tests can take around 5 to 6 hours.


After these questionnaires and assessments psychometric testing can continue with one-on-one consultations with the presence of occupational psychologists where in detail personal circumstances, desires and ambitions are discussed.


The fact is that you can't pass or fail psychometric testing. The primary objective of all assessments are to build an accurate and appropriate profile of who an individual really is, what they are motivated by, their strengths and weaknesses, values and beliefs and ultimately what motivates them to get up in the morning.


These tests can prove to be very beneficial for any organizations by providing them with the individuals who help the companies grow better. Today, most of the companies maintain a team of such professionals who conduct these tests to help them choose the right person for the right job.


Final Conclusion: Both pre-employment testing and psychometric assessments are essential to make any business successful. Many companies have recognized the importance of implementing both the techniques timely to get the best out of their chosen employees.


Hope the information we have gathered here will help you choose the right employee for the right job!!