How to Advertise Your Advertising & Design Businesses for Sale with Revealing Too Much?

How to Advertise Your Advertising & Design Businesses for Sale with Revealing Too Much?

Are you considering selling your advertising & image editing company? If yes, then one of the most important things is correct advertising of the sale of your business. Most sellers think that it is best to give as much information in the ad as possible. They think that revealing more information about their advertising & image editing company will attract only those buyers who are interested in exactly what is being offered. The reason why they do it is that they try to achieve the perfect match. Too much information in the ad is not a wise thing to do. It ruins the confidentiality about the sale of your advertising & design company. Another problem is that too much information in the business-for-sale ad might confuse the prospective buyers.


So, what is the best way to advertise your business-for-sale? Here are some guidelines that you can follow to make sure that just the right amount of information is added to the ad to attract potential buyer.

1: Location of Your Advertising & image editing Company

The first important thing that you should include in your ad is location. Use a very general description about location. This is because potential buyers probably want to know whether the advertising & image clipping path based editing company is in a new and modern IT park or an old office setting near downtown. One of the best strategies to give vital but non-revealing information is to mention the neighborhood in a big city – advertising agency in western part of Los Angeles, or you can just name the county, in the even when the company can be identified simply with information about its city.

2: Contact Information

Make sure the contact information you are including in the business-for-sale ad is not associated with the business. Bear in mind that clever buyers use a reverse directory to track the seller down. The best strategy is to set up a separate email or phone number just for the purpose of receiving responses to you business-for-sale ad.

3: Attract the Attention of Qualified Buyers

The key to attract “qualified” buyer is to state in your ad or online local services provider  that “complete information will be provided to qualified purchasers.” This line will alert the readers of your ad to the fact that they will have to provide their information to you if they are really interested in knowing details about your advertising & image editing company. Real buyers will not hesitate to supply their information. In fact, they will be ready to satisfy your confidentially requirements and will be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement document with you.

4: Don’t Reveal Monthly Earnings

If you have included in your ad that your advertising & design company is making $10,000 per month, you will end up attracting those buyers who want to make that amount of money. This is simply too much information. The best strategy is to keep this information for later. Let the potential buyers contact you and then show them that there is a great potential for an active owner to quickly boost earnings by 50%