How Am I Supposed to Resolve AOL Mail Login Issue?

How Am I Supposed to Resolve AOL Mail Login Issue?

Getting the issue of why you can’t sign into AOL mail could be critical to your day-to-day work schedule. So if you get such an instance, your first job is to check whether you have a proper internet connection with the same speed as before. Another reason could be the server that might have been down for the time being, you may need to wait for a few minutes to hours.


Here, in this post, we’ll talk about more root causes along with the troubleshooting measures through which you can easily get rid of the mail issues.

Root Causes behind AOL Mail Sign In Problem

  • Incorrect username and password.
  • The Cache and Cookies in your web browser.
  • Web browser’s unnecessary extensions added on.
  • Third-party security firewalls.
  • Outdated web browser or AOL app.

In-Depth Troubleshooting Measures to Fix Sign in Issue on AOL

  1. Ensure Proper Internet Connection

To eliminate the risk of encountering the issue, you must ensure that the internet connection is stable and reliable. Once you ensure there is no issues with the internet, open the AOL Mail login page and enter the correct login details in the requested field.

Note: A small technical glitch in the internet connectivity will stop you from accessing your AOL account.  

  1. Clear Cache and Cookies

If you’re using your web browser to access AOL mail and you’re getting stuck around while signing in, then you should check your browser whether it’s having cache and cookies more than needed. If it is, you should delete all and restart your browser to see if it can help to get you log into your AOL account.

If you’re using the app, then you should clear the internet cache to operate it smoothly.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Browser Extensions

Often we install extensions for our benefits and end up getting slow running web browser. So it would be better if you remove unnecessary browser extensions and start checking if you’re able to sign in to your account.

  1. Enter Correct Username and Password

If you keep getting the login error on the screen, either your password is compromised, or there is a missing letter, number, or special character you just did. So you should double-check both of your username and password if you’ve correctly entered. If the same issue occurs, you should then recover your account.

  1. Install Latest Web Browser or App

The web browser or app you’re using to access your AOL mail account should be up-to-date. You can check for any updates available for your browser or app either in the Google Play Store or App Store. After having the latest one, load AOL to see if you’re able to login with your username and password.

Following these above technical measures, anyone can get off from the Sign in issue in the AOL account. But what if there is a problem in the AOL account that is not receiving emails? Well, that also could be sorted away by the following tips.

Tips to Solve the Problem of AOL Mail Not Getting Emails

Tip 1: Make sure to check the filters you have set for your mail account is correct. If possible, it is essential to remove them all to see if you’re getting new emails.

Tip 2: You should not have blocked any email address you’re expecting an email from. Unblock that if you’ve ever done it.

Tip 3: If there is any communication gap between the server and the client, you should wait for a couple of hours to get new emails.

These are the few simple tips you should keep in mind. Once you followed them all, definitely you would start receiving new emails. And this is how you can fix the issue of AOL mail not receiving emails in a very effective manner. Hope you enjoy this well-defined informative guide.