Why Businesses Should Use the Laravel PHP Framework

Why Businesses Should Use the Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel is based on the MVC architectural style

By adhering to the widely accepted practise of separating the application's core logic, the portion that displays information to the user, and the portion that receives and processes input, it is possible to keep code clean and easy to maintain in a time-sensitive manner, even when it is edited by people who did not write it originally. Web Development India is top website development company in India with expert and professional Laravel developers with more than 10+ years of experience. Laravel Development India is one of the best Laravel development company in India  that you can choose to develop your custom Laravel web applications on  PHP Framework.

Not only does adhering to the model-view-controller paradigm make it easier for teams to collaborate on projects, but it's also a very smart concept for long-term projects. A programmer's worst nightmare is legacy code, and adhering to the MVC design can save you time and money in the long run.  Web Development India is a top website development company India  than can develop custom  Website om Laravel , Wordpress and PHP. They have professional team of expert website developers to create websites.

Laravel makes use of Musician

Laravel maintains its dependencies via composer, which enables developers to easily integrate third-party packages, and most PHP developers are already familiar with composer. Composer is widely used and highly documented, which makes adding, altering, or creating your own packages quite simple, and the dependencies you provide are automatically assembled.

Blade is a templating engine.

Blade is a small, straightforward, yet powerful templating engine included with Laravel. Unlike some other templating engines, Blade does not prohibit you from using plain PHP in the template's view section. Indeed, they are compiled as ordinary PHP and cached as such until updated, which contributes to the reduction of overhead.

The libraries that are included

Laravel includes a number of essential libraries, including a powerful login system that adheres to appropriate database security standards, as well as authentication, encryption, and caching. There are over 20 pre-installed libraries that significantly simplify the creation of Laravel applications.


Artisan is a command-line interface (CLI) available with Laravel that includes useful commands for speeding up Laravel application development. Creating the model or controller, migrating the database, and populating the test data are just a few examples. With, a complete set of commands can be examined.

Additionally, each command includes a help option. Additionally, you can write your own artisan commands. For additional information, please refer to the documentation located here.


Migrations act as a version control system for your application's database. There is no requirement for each version to recreate the database. This resolves a critical issue involving team cooperation with databases by eliminating the requirement for manual database modifications that may occur during the development of new features or testing. Migrations are managed with the artisan command discussed previously.


Laravel's single API for caching backends ensures excellent caching performance. By default, it supports several popular caching backends, including Redis and Memcached, which can aid in caching larger applications.

PHPUnit Laravel includes PHPUnit for testing each code unit to guarantee it functions appropriately when subjected to a test. This enables test-driven development and is another element that aids in the management of huge projects. By reducing the time spent testing individual units and by testing them in the first place to ensure they work independently, you save time throughout the testing process and lower the likelihood of something breaking and altering results in an untraceable way down the road.

Scout Scout is a simple plugin for Eloquent ORM that adds full-text search to your model (Eloquent being the database modelling tool included in Laravel). This driver-based solution updates your search indexes automatically to match your Eloquent entries. It comes pre-configured with an Algolia driver, but scout is easily extended with your own driver.

Scalability and application

Laravel is suitable for a wide variety of different sizes and types of applications; it is lightweight enough for tiny projects but also includes a plethora of capabilities to aid in the development of larger projects. Laravel is an excellent choice for a wide variety of small-scale apps, as well as enterprise-grade software solutions. With a strong API framework, it enables the creation of hybrid applications and the easy integration of bespoke extensions and packages.

Due to these and numerous other factors, the Laravel framework has grown to be one of the most popular PHP frameworks available. Its performance is established and enables developers to create web apps of any size easily.

Why Businesses Should Use the Laravel PHP Framework

Are you considering establishing a web presence for your business? Or are you seeking for the best PHP framework for your upcoming web development project?

If you value both flexibility and consistency, then building it on the Laravel technology stack may be the way to go!

There are numerous frameworks available for web application development. Then why are we discussing Laravel specifically? That is what you will discover here. This post will discuss why organisations should choose the Laravel PHP framework.

Prior to delving deeper into the explanations, though, here are some market insights on Laravel adoption.

Usage Statistics for the Laravel PHP Framework

According to a research by BuiltWith Trends, this technology is currently powering 459,818 live websites. If you're debating whether or not to use Laravel for your industry domain, here's another report from Similar Tech. As shown in the graphic above, the Laravel PHP framework is employed across a variety of industry sectors. It's unsurprising that organisations are clamouring to recruit Laravel developers these days.