How To Fix The Issue Of Orbi Satellite Not Syncing?

How To Fix The Issue Of Orbi Satellite Not Syncing?

If you are not be able to sync your Orbi satellite with the router. Well, what might be the cause of this issue? In order to sync the router with the Netgear satellite and it is going to help you to connect the Orbi with the satellite. 


But when your Orbi satellite not syncing with the router, then there could be various possible reasons behind that issue. Among many issues, one of the main issues could be that both are at a distance that is too far from each other. The separation is among the major reasons why you must be facing this issue.


Make sure that you are keeping the devices within a fair distance of each other. The best thing that you can do is to move the satellite in the same room as the switch. There are various other ways to resolve it as well. 


When you are going to resolve this issue, you need to make sure that the first thing that you need to do is to acquire all the knowledge related to the Orbi routers. This is because when you are going to resolve the issue, you need to know how the device functions. You must also know everything related to the Orbi setup.

Here the guide that is going to make things very simple for you. Within a few minutes, you will be able to resolve all the Netgear Orbi related issues. 

Process of Syncing:

The first thing that you should know is that the process of syncing depends on the type of satellite that you might be using. You can easily determine the type of satellite that you got with your router. 


You need to pay attention to each and every step while you are going to sync your satellite with the router. This will let you understand the concept even better than before. 


When you see that your router and the satellite are not syncing and you are facing a lot of trouble, then you need to move the satellite in the same room, where the router has been kept. After that, make sure that you are moving your router to different locations to try to resolve the issue. 

Here are some of the steps for syncing router with satellite:

  • One of the first things that you need to do is to take the satellite and then place it at the best location of the house. 

  • Well, if you are not aware of where you keep the satellite, then you must get in touch with the Orbi helpline. The experts are going to help you out of the issue. 

  • After that, you must place your Satellite and connect it to the power outlet which is working. 

  • Make sure to check that the LED on the back of the router is glowing. If you see that the power is not glowing, then you need to turn the power off and then turn it on again. 

  • Wait for at least a minute, after you have turned on the power. When the Orbi satellite will turn on, you will be seeing the ring twill turn into solid white color. 

  • When you witness that the solid white color is glowing on the satellite, then you would need to press th sync button which is behind the satellite device. This is going to help you finally sync your satellite to the orbi router. 

  • There might be some people who still might be facing some issues. What they can do is get in touch with the orbi helpline experts. They can help these users if they are unable to sync their satellites with the router. 


The moment the process is finished, you are going to see that the LED light will start blinking the white color. After the blinking white light goes off, it is going to glow in some colors. You will see that the orbi satellite will start to blink the colors mentioned below for a maximum time of two to three minutes. After that, the light will turn off automatically.


There are three colors that you might see and all three of them mean something different. Here are the three colors that you must look out for. 

Blue ring:

When you witness that the color of the LED light is going to turn to blue after the white, it signifies that the process of the syncing has been completed successfully. There is no need to worry about the Orbi satellite not syncing issue as you have already established the connection between the satellite and the router. 


When you witness this light, you just need to sit back and enjoy the seamless internet connectivity. 

Amber light:

On the ring, when you see the light changing into the Amber light, then it also means that the router and the satellite have been successfully linked. The other thing that t also signifies is that the connection established between the Orbi router and the satellite is very fair. 


In this scenario, if you are trying to make the connection better, then you have to move the satellite and router very close to each other. You also need to make sure that there is no interference or electric disturbance present between the router and the satellite. 

Magenta color:

If you see that the color of the ring turns to magenta after the white light, then it will show that the router is not able to connect with the satellite. This means that the Orbi satellite is not successfully synced with the router. 


Well, try to move both the devices close to each other and you still are not able to resolve the issue, then you need to get in touch with the Orbi helpline. 

In Conclusion:

This is the process that you need to follow in order to resolve the Orbi satellite not syncing issue. If you are facing any issues that you are still not able to solve, the get in contact with the Orbi Helpline.