GST Registration: Required Documents, Procedure, and Benefits

GST Registration: Required Documents, Procedure, and Benefits

Ever since the GST was launched in July, 2017, the struggle of businessmen in trying to understand it has remained constant. Despite it not being so new anymore, the regular up-gradation in the process to make the Goods and Services Tax more beneficial for the business class has made the process unclear to most. However, GST registration in India has been made mandatory, irrespective of they understand it or not. Although GST submerges many indirect taxes into one giving the businesses many benefits, the complicated registration process causes sweat. Tax Wink is here to make things easy for you and help with the Online GST Registration.


Let’s begin with the list of documents required for online registration. So while the requirements differ for different types of organizations, there are some common documents required by all. Follow the list to get them ready:

  1. PAN Card/Cards- of all the owners, all authorized signatories, and even the company or HUF for Hindu Undivided Family-run companies.

  2. Aadhar Card- Needed from all the authorized signatories.

  3. Digital Photographs- From all owners and signatories in Jpeg format and should be less than 100KB in size.

  4. Contact Number and Email- Of the primary signatory for online status.

  5. Address Proof Of Business- Ownership deed, agreement, electricity bill, etc.

  6. Details Of Bank Account/Accounts- Bank Statement/Cancelled Cheque/First & last page of passbook.

Other documents needed depending on the type of the organization:

  • List of goods and services the company provides

  • Proof of the appointment of all the authorized signatories

  • Digital signatures of all signatories

  • Incorporation Certificate from the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs.

  • For NRIs- Visa and Passport details

  • Trade License and clearance certificates

  • MOA (Memorandum Of Association)

  • Pension Certificates

Now that we know the documents required for the online registration of GST let’s quickly move to the process.

  1. One needs to visit the online portal of the government for the registration.

  2. For Part A of Form GST Reg 01, the applicant needs to submit email ids, mobile numbers, and the PAN numbers for verification. After all the provided details are verified with OTPs, the portal sends the applicant the Application Reference Number(ARN) on the registered mobile number and email-id.

  3. The Part B of Form GST Reg 01 requires the ARN number along with the online submission of the required documents.

  4. Depending on the requirement, Form GST Reg 03 may be issued, which needs to be answered in Form 04 within seven working days.

  5. If the required documents are submitted satisfactorily, then the certificate of online GST Registration is issued through GST Reg 06.

  6. If not satisfied, the applicant may be issued the GST Reg 05 to reject the application.

  7. In case the applicant is liable for the tax deduction, the applicant needs to submit GST Reg 07.


The process may get complicated because of the presence of different forms for different requirements. Tax Wink makes it much easy. However, despite the compliancy and contrary to popular belief, there are several benefits of the GST Registration.

  • Legal recognition

  • Legal authorization for tax collection from consumers

  • Eligible to avail various privileges under the GST laws

  • Proper accounting of taxation


The Goods and Services Tax Registration has various minor but essential details in the process, which is what kicks the nerves. But, with platforms available online, you can get professional help for the registration process and bid the stress goodbye. The complicated process becomes easy and saves you a lot of time with the support of the professionals.

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