Do Not Trust Banks

Do Not Trust Banks

Over the internet, you would find a majority of websites that spread fake news and rumors about different companies. This is done in order to spoil the name of the company and gain publicity. You can find these websites in different industry types. One such website that is trying to make a name for itself by spreading false and fake news is This website is continuously posting names of financial institutions and mentioning them as fake.


In order to lure the readers, the website takes the name of the International Banking Supervisory Board. There is no proof that is given by the website while making a claim against the financial institutions. Also, to make the information appear legitimate, the website presents the information in such a manner that a person who is new and doesn't know much would easily fall prey and believe it.  It uses a few graphics that give an overall appearance that the website is real.


Banks has been posting a lot of fake news and reviews about financial institutions in recent few years. The website also posts names of owners of these financial institutions to make the reader feel that all the information it has posted is real. However, there is no valid proof as to why these financial institutions are fake and should be banned. It is advised not to trust the website as it will not offer you proof for the information it showcases.


The only motive of the website is to create a wrong image in the minds of the readers about the financial institutions. The website has been continuously posting information that is not at all true. Some of the financial institutions mentioned on the website are quite reputed and offer great services to their customers. There is a high possibility that the website will keep on posting such negative information in the future as well. Readers should not get lured by such information as there is no authenticity that is associated with it.


Similar to, there are a lot of websites that you will find on the internet that post false news about companies and firms. All these websites do not have any kind of authenticity and post false claims about financial institutions. If you are looking to read reviews about a specific company or firm, it is advisable that you only look for authentic websites that are trustworthy. This is important because a lot of websites often post information that is not true. Also, before believing any website it is necessary that you do thorough research about the company or firm before you have an opinion of yours. The internet is full of these websites that often post information in order to gain clicks momentarily and increase their user base. It is recommended to all the visitors of these sites to only trust legitimate sources. Once you have all the proof only then you should trust the website and look for the information that is displayed on it.