5 Ways To Make Your Gated Community Safer

Some people chose to live in gated communities because they are safer. Therefore, investing in your neighborhood's security is probably something everyone in your homeowner's association can agree upon. If you're looking for areas of improvement, try the following.

Get Familiar

Make sure your residents know what your security procedures are. When changes or updates occur, send out an email blast to residents or put a notice in their mail. Any time there is a noticeable infraction, you might want to similarly send out reminders of suitable conduct.

Get in Motion

Installing motion-activated lights may deter intruders who don't want to be noticed. By following them up with motion-activated cameras, you can ensure security personnel are alerted to sketchy situations before they escalate into property damage, theft or assault.

Reduce Automation

Don't just rely on key cards or fobs for access control. When a vehicle or pedestrian entrance doesn't have 24/7 surveillance, intruders may take advantage of the unguarded access point and slip through behind a resident. By stationing unarmed security Detroit MI at your entrances and exits, you are less likely to get uninvited guests walking through the front door.

Be Thorough

If you have cameras or patrolling guards in your neighborhood, don't just concern yourself with safety inside the gate. Make the outside streets a priority as well. This can be a good way to detect intruders early as well as deter them entirely. 

Look Within

While gated communities have a reputation for being suspicious of outsiders, a well-maintained neighborhood knows that everyone is capable of making mistakes. Sometimes there are feuds between neighbors, teenagers looking to rebel or someone just plain having a bad day. Make sure your security team knows how to respond to difficult interpersonal situations and de-escalate them before they boil over. 

A well-protected neighborhood is a happy neighborhood. By investing in your community's security, you aren't just protecting property, but everyone's peace of mind.