Experience the New World of Entertainment with Airtel Xstream

Experience the New World of Entertainment with Airtel Xstream

Gone are the days when the entire family used to hover around the television each evening to share some good moments and enjoy the selected programs that were broadcasted. Today households have multiple smart devices that can play a variety of entertainment options whenever we need them. In this aspect, television seems to be losing the war as DTH and other options are not as popular with the younger generations. The rise of SmartTV which can play OTT app content is a good example of how television can still be relevant to the entire household. To capitalize on this idea, the DTH providers are going one step further to provide each household with some upgraded entertainment option. An excellent example of this is the new Airtel Xstream box provided by one of the biggest DTH providers in India, Airtel. There is a lot to love about this futuristic device that is an attempt to add value to the DTH experience of the customers. Let us explore the Airtel Xstream box and how can it make your TV experience better.


  • Built-in Chromecast – The Airtel Xstream box has an inbuilt Chromecast which can bring the SmartTV functionality on any regular TV. This means that you do not need to invest to get a new SmartTV just to upgrade from your older generation TV. With the SmartTV functions enabled on your TV, you can play the content through OTT apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Zee5, Airtel Xstream App, and many more.

  • Enable Google Assistant – The Google Assistant is the inbuilt digital assistant function that comes with many Android devices. Through this, you can run a voice search and lookup content from the web. This is a great functionality since searching for things on the internet with the on-screen virtual keyboard is slow and inconvenient.

  • Install Apps – Since the Airtel Xstream Box runs with the Android 9.0 OS, you can install the apps of your choice. The Google Play Store becomes accessible on your TV and you can install apps in the usual way as you do on your smartphone.

  • Smartphone as remote - Have you ever misplaced your remote or kept it far away and don’t want to get up. Well, that shouldn’t stop you from operating the TV fully, as you can connect your Smartphone to your TV using the Airtel Xstream Box. You can then use it as a remote as well as a gamepad, in case you want to play some games on your TV.

  • 4K Picture Quality – There is no point in buying an ultra-high-definition TV without the right DTH box that can stream the content in equally high definition too. This is the number one reason why your crystal clear television does not produce as good picture quality at home. Airtel Xstream Box takes care of it by streaming up to 4K resolution for 500+ channels.


All of these factors elevate your television experience and opens up new avenues in entertainment for you to explore. The price for the Airtel Xstream Box was INR 3600 but has been discounted to INR 2499. If you are an existing Airtel Broadband customer you can get the Airtel Xstream Box for free by paying a refundable deposit. To get started, head to the Airtel website and provide your details to buy the new Airtel Xstream Box.

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