Create your own Travel Bucket using Social Travel App

Create your own Travel Bucket using Social Travel App

With the number of things on a to-do list that one makes before dying, travel tops the list. Travel is a big aspiration for a lot of people. We all have listed places that we want to visit once in a lifetime, and many people must have already planned or planning to go to their dream destination. But traveling to a place is not as easy or dreamy as it sounds. It requires planning, budgeting, time, etc. That is why people make a bucket list. It is paramount to hold onto our dreams for us. Bucket lists help us with just that. It ensures that we neither forget nor miss out on any of our favourite travel destinations.


A bucket list sets you free


The bucket list is like a reminder for us to just set free and have fun. Life is too short and busy, we tend to miss out on things that we planned. Sometimes we get too busy achieving our goals, that we forget why we ever started. These bucket lists are a great way to take a break and live a little bit. There are many people that reason out that they don’t have enough time or money to travel - a travel bucket is the right way to go about it. When you write down your goals, you reinforce them and that makes you one step closer to your dream destination.


It's of the essence to take time out for the things you love in life - doing the things you love can make you feel more energetic and at the same time quite relaxed. There is a possibility that you can't complete all the items on the list, but there will be a sense of utter satisfaction when you can complete some and take that off your bucket list. The travel bucket list informs you of travel deadlines, allows you to travel to your dream destinations and create new memories. You can experience new things and destinations. It will help you reach and realize your dream destinations, which are more important so that you can live your dreams.


Travel bucket list app


If you’re anywhere like us, then you have a dream of visiting the beautiful places on earth before you die. We have established the fact that making a bucket list tops the chart to fulfill your travel fantasies but sometimes making a travel bucket seems a bit daunting! Though a traditional bucket list has all its perks and you have always been doing it like that, technology has a way to make your life close to your aspirations fast and seamless. For the sole purpose of making the travel experience indelible for you, we introduce you to explurger travel app to help you create a travel bucket list app.


As you swipe through your social media feeds, you discover some of the places you want to visit. But you forget it all. You don't have to worry about all of us. But no more. Explorer got you back with a clever feature called Bucket List that will always keep you updated about your favourite place to visit. Not just that, If you like a place that someone has shared on Explurger, you can click to add it to your bucket list. And forget about it. "Every time you're around that location, this made-in-India social media app will let you know about it.


So the next time you have an urge to visit a cool place, taste a drink, or check out a new pub you saw in a fellow Explurger’s post, just add it to your bucket list. And while you forget about it after doing so, this feature won’t. It will pop up as a reminder whenever you are near that place and even help you with directions