Benefits of Solventless Products

Whether you're looking for bay area solventless concentrates or are located somewhere else in the United States, finding a reputable manufacturer who treats their products with the utmost care is critical. Solventless concentrates are now emerging fast on the THC market, and they carry with them a wide range of benefits. Below are just a few to look for.

Higher THC Concentration

THC has a wide range of benefits, including creating feelings of relaxation and euphoria, improving mental clarity and boosting creativity, and also helping people unwind.

Solventless products have a high concentration of THC in them, with over 80% of THC in some products. This is good news for people that are looking to up their intake of THC without the use of more marijuana than necessary.

Avoid The Use of Solvents

For legal reasons and due to their inherent danger, some states don't allow people to make their own concentrates using solvents. Even people that know how to use these solvents to get the most out of their THC can still end up hurting themselves through the use of butane, propane, or ethanol lighters. 

It's best to leave the concentrate making to the pros, or even opt for using solventless concentrates. Solventless concentrates also have the added benefit of not needing to use butane or other solvents to extract the best ingredients from Marijuana.

This means you're left with nothing but good, high-quality, and all natural ingredients.