Leveraging the Key Benefits of PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Leveraging the Key Benefits of PWA (Progressive Web Apps)


Google started PWAs in 2015, since then companies are using it. So let’s check out what PWA is? Why are companies using it?

Progressive Web Apps are designed with rich functionalities and advanced features, developed using a web stack (JS, HTML, CSS). PWAs offer a smooth user experience, boost conversion rates, and increase the user’s engagement.

Additionally, progressive web apps are reducing the gaps between web pages and mobile apps. PWAs are the apps that also offer you the flavor of native-apps. Just like any other operating system app, PWAs can also be installed on mobile and desktop.


You can compare progressive web apps with any other web application. They are mostly like native Android and iOS applications as it is easy to download on their mobile phones. Earlier, the only option to use the application is to download them separately from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

I jot down some perks of Progressive Web Apps: 

Develop and maintain a single application

When developing applications for Android and iOS operating systems, you need to have a separate code base for each platform. The platform you’ll choose to upload the application has its own policies. That’s because the codes between app platforms are not shareable. This means that you need to develop an app separately for each platform. Eventually, this will increase the mobile app development and maintenance time for the app.


When you select the PWAs, you only need to develop a single page application that works on all the platforms. This means it requires less time and effort.

Lower Development Cost

Developing a PWA is inexpensive compared to the development of a native app. Companies that are looking to develop a native mobile app need to develop an application for both the platform App Store and Google Play store. Developing native apps involves hiring different platform developers. That makes it expensive. Especially for a startup that is looking to generate huge revenue, developing a native app can be expensive for them.


PWA can be developed at an economical price without degrading the functionalities and features of the apps. It is perfect for those companies that are looking to generate revenues from mobile apps. Some experts stated that you can have PWA at the half-price that you need in developing a native application.

Faster Performance

PWA’s image, text, and visual content display in an organized way that works like a website and thus it decreases the loading time. The advanced running speed of PWA plays an essential role in conversion rates and user experience. Compared to the other application, PWA’s user experience is much better, which increases the credibility of apps between customers.

Minimal Installation Time

Compared to the other traditional mobile apps, PWAs are less complicated. This enhances the importance of user experience. You can install PWAs quickly and easily on your device without visiting Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This means that PWA requires less installation time. There are many guides and eBooks available online, which help you deploy PWA in your business modules.

SEO Optimized

The functionalities of PWA help improve the search result of your web apps. PWA’s are fast performers. If we talk about the PWA of Uber, it only takes 2 seconds of loading time. Thus, it leaves an enormous impact on search engine rankings. This means that when you are developing a PWA, you can be sure about the search engine optimization. However, if you are thinking about digital marketing strategies, then it is time to rethink about it.

Push Notification Support

The topmost feature of a traditional mobile app is push notification. Push notification permits users to directly connect to the app, even when they are using other applications. Companies use push notification to attract users by sending them offers, discounts, and coupon codes. It also helps companies to inform users about the product in the form of images and video content. Some even integrate the call-to-action feature in it. Thus, it upsurges the user engagement time and conversion rate. All these features and functionalities are available in Progression Web Apps.

Works on both online and offline mode

Traditional mobile apps don’t work in offline mode, but PWA works in offline mode. You can install PWA on your phone and can use them even without the internet. When you use these apps offline, you’ll not lose any data. Eventually, that helps your business with amazing conversion rates.

No Dependencies on App Distribution Platforms

To upload applications into these platforms like Google Play, App Store, and Microsoft Store, you need to meet up with the requirements of these platforms. It is tough for programmers to cope up with that requirement. Sometimes the apps get removed from these platforms when they couldn’t be able to fulfill the requirement with no prior notifications. PWAs decrease the complexity as the apps get uploaded on website and independent platforms.

Easy Installation.

PWAs can’t get uploaded via the app store. These apps can only be shared through URL, which makes the installation procedure simple. All you need to do is visit a site and add it to the device’s home screen.


PWAs offer the finest user experience. Progressive app development companies provide solutions that traditional apps can't even touch. Today more and more companies are considering PWA as an exciting idea. With being budget-friendly and less time consuming, startups and small business firms are looking to use PWA for their business as it is a clear winner in customer engagement.

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