Android App Development: Top Trends 2021

Android App Development: Top Trends 2021

Android application development is a process of developing applications for the devices running on the Android operating system. These apps provide benefits like easy accessibility, good advertising opportunities, and an error-free user experience. With businesses going digital, the future of this application development is very bright. To complement this growth and promise an impeccable user experience, major trends in Android app development are taking place. 

Let’s take a look at top trends of Android app development 2021,

The Instant Applications

These apps are not new to development. But their popularity keeps increasing with time. The idea behind instant apps is to allow users to try applications before downloading them. Basically, it helps to elevate the number of downloads. This technology is useful for gaming and e-commerce applications. Here, users are allowed to play a game before downloading the app, and based on their experience, they can decide whether to download it or not. 


Apart from these, there are various other benefits of using instant apps like providing full access to an application before downloading it, offering excellent UI/UX, giving a user an experience of native app, providing more storage, requiring less traffic, and being compatible with multiple devices.


It is advisable to hire an Android app development agency from a developer's perspective; it is easy to create these apps. Also, the instant app requires the same Android API, the same project, and source code; the developer may not need to develop a different app.

Flutter: Multiplatform Development

This technology is one of the latest trends in Android application Development. The advancement in android app development includes this new technology by Google, Flutter.


It is a framework that allows developing applications with a native interface for platforms like android and iOS. Developers prefer to use this technology as it provides flexibility and combinability. 


There are various other reasons for choosing Fluter, as it provides a native design, reduces development time with MVP, and is easy to learn for developers. Google offers detailed documentation on the same. Apart from this, it also provides a beautiful interface and an advanced set of features in an application. Applications like Google Ads and Alibaba are made using this.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Knowingly or Unknowingly, we use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in our smartphones every day. With everything going digital, even technology has to evolve to provide better features. 


AI is one such technology that is majorly helping every bit of prevailing technology improve. It is the intelligence displayed by machines, unlike the natural intelligence demonstrated by humans or animals.  

Android applications provide AI-based features like chatbots, smart predictions, and voice translations. 

Artificial Intelligence analyses user behavior and its interactions with applications for providing better and precise suggestions. Though it is not new for Android applications, it keeps on upgrading itself for the betterment of applications.

The Chatbots

Customers appreciate this technology for getting fast responses as compared to manual answers. Major businesses like e-commerce, banking, and financial services are using this technology for improving their customer services. 

Companies like Facebook and Starbucks have added chatbots to their routine tasks.  

The Android Jetpack

It is a suite full of tools, libraries, and guidelines that help in the creation of advanced apps. The primary task of this set is to simplify regular development tasks. 


Google offers the required documentation, making it easy to use this tool. There four main components of this tool are the foundation, architecture, behavior, and UI.

The On-Demand App

Today many companies are focussing on empowering their Android applications for providing a better customer experience. There are a lot of on-demand apps that are helping to do everyday tasks comfortably and faster. These applications offer faster services. Apps like grocery and taxi fall under this category. 


These apps can analyze the user location and offer the required services. The users get instant benefits using on-demand applications. 

Businesses are building these apps to provide a better customer experience. With on-demand apps, one achieves the best results with routine tasks.

The Internet of Things

In today’s scenario, almost everything is connected to the internet. IoT has got a lot of opportunities for developers and users. This technology is majorly contributing to empowering the healthcare and education sector. Here, the data is collected from the internet to make the user experience better. 

Future of Android app development

Undoubtedly, 2021 is going to bring various trends in Android application development. This area of technology is full of opportunities. To get the maximum benefits from your Android development projects, always hire an Android app development agency as an agency is equipped with a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to develop and manage new Android projects from scratch. Among the trends of Android application development, the most significant trends are Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, and instant apps. However, app developers can also integrate Flutter and Jackpact to make the development process faster and more comfortable. These trends of Android application development are evolving existing technology to provide a flawless and error-free user experience.