Arzoo/Pending 6 Astonishingly Rare Flowers You may Have Never Seen

Arzoo/Pending 6 Astonishingly Rare Flowers You may Have Never Seen

When hearing the word ‘Beautiful,’ is there anything else apart from flowers that come to your mind? Perhaps not. But, you don’t witness all the beautiful flowers in every garden. A few blossoms are so rare; they flourish after decades or even in particular seasons. It is also possible that your florist in Hyderabad might not even know about them.


However, here we bring you the list of astonishingly rare flowers you may have never seen before.

  1. Kadupul Flower:

Beauty and rareness are the main elements that make kadupul flowers so unique. This marvelous flower is mainly discovered in the forests of Sri Lanka. Only a handful of people have received an opportunity to experience the artistry of kadupul blossom as it blooms at midnight only and passes away before dawn. For a profuse blooming, the flower calls for particular conditions. Also, due to the midnight blooming nature, there are meager chances for the kadupul flowers to be discovered by someone. This flower is not just spectacular, but delightfully fragrant as well, and is also among the most expensive flowers due to its brief lifespan. It would undoubtedly have been the best option to choose online flower delivery in Gurgaon. However, until today, no botanist can give precise descriptions regarding the sudden death of this flower.

  1. Campion:

Silene tomentosa or Campion can be discovered only in Gibraltar, a British territory. It is an evening blooming, a delicate aromatic flower with a brief life span. In 1992, interestingly, Gibraltar’s botanical section officially stated that the campion flowers have become extinct. But two years later, in 1994, at the cliffs of Gibraltar, a climber rediscovered the existence of Campion flowers, but in unfavorable environments. Today, these flowers exist only in London and the botanical gardens of Gibraltar, but extremely low in numbers.

  1. Ghost Orchids:

Ghost orchid is a spider web-like rare blossom that flourishes in Florida and Cuba. It seems sturdy to propagate ghost orchids, apart from its natural environment where it needs high humidity and temperature. Such demands of particular conditions make ghost orchids extremely rare. With rareness, there is another thing that makes this a unique plant, and that is, it has no leaves. The stalk of the plant and the flowers appear green in color, making it tough to spot the orchid even if you get the opportunity to reach where it flourishes. Without leaves, the orchid can’t prepare its food, so it links with other plants for receiving enough energy to survive. These orchids bloom for only three weeks, from April to August, and generate soap-like smell during their blooming time.

  1. Chocolate Cosmos:

Native to Mexico, chocolate cosmos is a stunningly beautiful but rare flower. This flower is named due to its chocolate-like smell on flourishing and has a brown or deep red color as it blooms in the evening at the end of summer. Sadly, this magnificent flower has become obsolete in the wild. But it was reproduced in 1902, by the vegetation propagation, so only the duplicate of original plants exist now, and the law shields such areas where they survive.

  1. Parrot’s Beak:

This is undoubtedly among the gorgeous flowers around the globe, and is native to the Canary Islands. It is given this name due to its parrot’s beak-like curvature. They flourish best in spring and call for cool environments. Variations in temperature can cause the flower to cease existing. Sadly, very soon, we might experience the absence of the beautiful parrot beak forever, as the only handful of members of this species are alive today. The exodus of parrot’s beak flowers had begun since 1884. A great choice to send flowers to Hyderabad, but the currently existing parrot beak plants are protected by law in the Canary Islands.

  1. Youtan Poluo:

This plant is among the most interesting ones in the world. It is believed that youtan poluo flourishes only once in 3000 years. The stories indicate that the flourishing of youtan poluo is evidence of the rebirth of Buddha. That is the reason it takes 3000 years to bloom. This flower does not look like one at all. It is minimal and generates sandalwood-like fragrance. It was a Chinese farmer, Mr. Ding, who initially found this fascinating plant. This plant can be seen in Korea, China, Taiwan, and in America in rare times. Various studies are going on to discover the mystery about the growth of this flower.