How to clean up your washing machine?

How to clean up your washing machine?

Cleaning up your washing machine may not sound interesting to you but you just have to think that how much load your washing machine handles daily. These heavy loads of cleaning have some effect on the washing machine components too. Therefore, taking out some time to clean up your best washing machine is very necessary to keep it working in a good condition for years.


So, today we will be discussing about the ways of cleaning up your washing machine both top load and bottom load.

Ingredients used in cleaning up your washing machine

Bleach and Vinegar are the ingredients that we would be using for cleaning up your washing machine. Bleach kills the bacteria and vinegar has the power of dissolving up tough mineral deposits. That’s why, we will be using these two substances only.

Cleaning Up your Front load washing machine

  • Take 3 cups of vinegar and put it into the detergent dispenser. You can also put the vinegar directly into the washing machine drum. Now start the washing cycle at the hot water mode. This will dissolve all the mold and mineral deposits.
  • Now add 2-3 cups of bleach into your washing machine detergent dispenser. You can also pour it directly into the drum. Again run the washing cycle at hot water washing mode. The bleach will remove all the bacteria and germs which would be there in the washing machine tub.
  • You can also use hydrogen peroxide in place of bleach.
  • Run the rinse cycle so that all the remaining’s will be flushed out of the washing machine drum.
  • After this, take out all the removable parts of the machine like detergent dispenser etc. out. Now, taken a bucket of warm water and put some detergent into it. Put all the removed part of the washing machine into the bucket and leave them for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now, take some clean cloth or sponge and clean each and every part thoroughly. Once it is done, place every part at the same place where it was earlier.
  • It’s the last part where you have to clean the rubber door pad and the exterior of the washing machine. For this, take ¼ of a cup of bleach or hydrogen peroxide and put it into warm water. Dampen a clean cloth with the water mixture and clean your rubber and exterior of the washing machine with it. Once done, wipe it with a dry cloth so that the moisture will be removed and your washing machine will look as new as when it was purchased.

Last But Not the Least

Now you have cleaned up your drum and the exterior parts of your washing machine. But you should never forget to clean your dryer. It’s not only machine which needs your attention but your dryer too needs some care. Therefore, always clean up your dryer after every use. Just take out the lint trap and clean it before every washing. You should make it a habit so that you never miss it again.