Why Is PHP the Ultimate Choice for Businesses in Web Development

Why Is PHP the Ultimate Choice for Businesses in Web Development

Developing a website for your internet business is a priority these days. It is not easy to own a website, along with various features requiring massive coding and programming. But, PHP Web development can make it easier. It provides massive comfort and benefits to your web business, along with the fact that PHP is well known and globally used for creating high rated websites. 


If you are looking to hire PHP developers for your business website, this article talks about the benefits that come with PHP web development. 


But before talking about its endless pros, let's have a brief understanding of PHP programming, and it uses: 

What is PHP?

PHP is a recursive acronym for Hypertext Pre Processor. It was initially built by a Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdoff in 1994 as a server-side scripting language to simplify the operations process. Since then, it is quite a hit in the technology industry. PHP is highly in demand for business websites due to its stability, security, and easy to maintain properties. It scripts and interprets data on servers that can be run on any computer browser and servers with a ".php" extension at its end. 


It is widely popular in enterprises because of the extra advantages it offers on website development compared to any other web development tool. For instance, PHP is more efficient and stable, cost-effective, compatible, feasible, and user friendly. 


Now, let's talk about why businesses have an appreciation for PHP programming.


According to knowyourwebsite.com, more than 79% of business websites use server-side programming languages and choose PHP for development. 

Let us see why? 

  • Quick loading of websites 


With the help of PHP, websites pages load faster as compared to many other web development technologies. According to Codetools, PHP is currently about three times quicker than Python in most probable scenarios. If your website takes limited time to load, it is a massive benefit in terms of SEO ranking factor. This will help you in promoting your website efficiently in the competitive industry. On top of that, your website will also positively impact customer's minds, resulting in retaining your client base. 

  • Cost-effective open source software 

PHP is a free-to-use technology that will save your budget in considerable amounts for the rest of your projects. Not just PHP, most of the tools that are usually used in combination with PHP are open source software and do not require any additional charge to access. Moreover, for an effective run, you can always choose various CMS such as Wordpress and Drupal that extend PHP's features, making the development process easier for you. 

  • Cheap Hosting Services 

In the most common operation scenarios, all the components generally used with PHP websites like LAMP stack are inexpensive. The stack is well tested and applicated, which means saving your required time and funds for development. If you still run unsure, you can always hire PHP developers who can help you propose the optimal stack of web development technologies customized for your requirements.  

  • Compatibility with Cloud platforms

These days every successful website uses cloud computing solutions such as Amazon Web Services for various purposes. PHP is supported by a maximum of cloud services like AWS Lambda, offering possible results. Perhaps, a PHP application can be deployed on a server and attain significant scalability and several beneficial effects. Even if another coding language does not monopolize the cloud area, PHP has always rescued such implementations. 

  • Combination with HTML 

The two most incredible technologies, when combined, give out the excellent synergy. PHP provides embedded HTML programming, which is the most traditional reason to go for it. In general cases, PHP script does not intervene with the HTML code of a web page; instead, it completes it despite remaining within the borders defined. If you have an entire page built on PHP, you may deploy HTML code through a script. The PHP tags will precede the HTML tags resulting in an inverted order of opening tags.

  • Wide variety of Database

PHP offers a considerable advantage of allowing connection to almost any type of Database. The most prominent choice among developers is MySQL, usually because it's free, popular, and efficient. Other components that are compatible with PHP are MS-SQL, SQLite, mSQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Besides this, PHP is also well versed with Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and various other non-relational databases. This way, you will never have limited options for your websites and applications, considering all the relevant factors.  


Some of the most famous examples of software written on PHP are WordPress, Facebook, and Slack. This scripting language's versatility is why many enterprises prefer to hire best PHP programmer and developers for a successful website and application run. PHP has excelled in the web industry with many virtues, most important of them being convenient in the web development process with various additional tools. It will make sure to provide you an optimal solution that fits your requirements.