What to See In Veterinary Merchant Services

What to See In Veterinary Merchant Services

You deserve to spend more time at your veterinary office caring for pets than worrying about your credit card processing plans. A veterinary merchant services provider can support your business by offering the best credit card processing solutions around. You can find many things of value through a merchant services team.

Secure Privacy

Protecting your customers’ personal data is essential. You’ll need to keep everyone’s credit card data secure, especially when it comes to charges involving sensitive pet care needs. The best credit card processing solutions will support privacy needs through PCI DSS compliance. The effort includes securing all cardholder data and using proper encryption to keep processing efforts under control.

Simple Invoicing

Many clients might develop invoices surrounding whatever services they utilize. Veterinary merchant services providers can produce POS interfaces that help you set up secure invoices. You can create separate invoices for each pet and owner in the system. You can update the invoice data for each item as necessary, helping you keep track of everything you manage.

Mobile Payment Support

You can also look for merchant services that can handle mobile payments from Android Pay, Apple Pay, or other solutions. Anything that lets you collect card data while on the go is always welcome. Mobile payments are critical for when you need to make house calls or if you’re operating something mobile like a spay/neuter clinic.

Establish Loyalty

Your veterinary merchant services system can also handle loyalty programs. A loyalty system can incorporate rewards for things like pet food purchases or regular checkups. You can establish a new program with your POS platform from a merchant services provider. The work will encourage pet owners to continue to use your services and to ensure they meet all appointments of value.


Check with a veterinary merchant services provider to see what can work for your practice. You’ll find it is easy for you to manage your content while keeping everyone’s content secure when you handle your work right.