What is Electronic Signature- How it works, Benefits, Solution

What is Electronic Signature- How it works, Benefits, Solution

What is the electronic signature?

To create electronic signatures, the signer must get a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued by a Certifying Authority (CA) licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) under the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000. The identity and address of the signer should be verified before a DSC gets issued by a CA. The private key used to create eSign stored in a hardware cryptographic token can only apply for one time.


The service of providing paper documentation, verifying an address, and issuing hardware cryptographic tokens is a trouble-some process with billions of people. To offer paperless eSign services, it is necessary for the mass adoption of electronic form of signature is essential. The online service is simple to use and is accessible to everyone for signing the electronic documents digitally.

How do electronic signatures work?

To send an electronic signature document, upload your document from within your Signable account, fill in who is going to sign it, specify on the document where you want them to sign, and we will do the rest. Signable will send the signer an email with an attachment where they can click and sign the document. The signer needs no registration, and they can sign on any device. Need to send a document to more than one person? No problem! Just add multiple signers when sending out the document.

A solution in electronic signatures?

Turboesigner software is the most affordable, secure, and simple electronic signature solution for high end automated software, which can easily integrate with SAP, Oracle, and any ERP software. It also provides a complete automated solution from PDF creation. And it even Sends Emails to the recipients, with full tracking. This Software Automatically manages and stores all electronically signed documents in one place.


Using this product, you can quickly sign multiple PDF files (bulk sign) by selecting the input and output directory. It can be ideal for batch signing of a large number of corporate documents instead of signing individually. Document Certification – once you certify a PDF, You indicate that you approve of its contents.

What benefits of electronic signature in corporate businesses?

Electronic signatures don't force or impose changes on the way your company operates. Many e-sign solutions integrate with popular business tools you already use, including PDF, Google Docs, Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Word, and more. Thus, you do not have a reason for not investing in one. The gains realized from electronic signature software are beyond measure. Every organization, administration, or company is bound to find its specific benefits supported its needs and, therefore, the system's ability to adapt.


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