Types of Dog Harness

Types of Dog Harness


A dog harness is a piece of equipment that allows you to control your dog while walking it. It can have different types of straps and buckles, There are many different types of dog harnesses on the market, However, all harnesses share some common features that can help you make an informed decision about which type will work best for your pet.

Front-clip harness

Front-clip harnesses are a good choice if your dog pulls. These harnesses attach to the front of the dog’s body and have openings on both sides so that you can add an extra layer of comfort by adding a leash or slip lead.

Front-clip harnesses are also useful for dogs with back problems, as they allow them to lie down directly behind their shoulders instead of against their belly or chest.

Back-clip harness

Back-clip harnesses are designed to stop dogs from pulling on the lead. The dog's chest is controlled by the front of the harness, and the back of the harness is attached to the lead. The harness should be fitted properly so that it is not too tight or too loose.

No-pull harness

No-pull harnesses are designed to discourage pulling on the leash, but not a muzzle. They're not choking chains and they're not pronged collars either. They do have some similarities to both those types of equipment, though—they work by applying mild discomfort or pain to your dog's neck when he pulls you along the ground or up against something else (like another dog).

No-pull harnesses are usually made out of cloth or leather; some models also include padding around the throat area as well as over the chest so that there's more room for movement when walking him through thick brush or along uneven terrains like grassy fields or gravel driveways where dogs tend to slip out from under their owners' control easily!

 Vest harness

Vest harnesses are the most common type of dog harness. They're easy to put on and take off, making them a good choice for dogs who pull or have breathing problems. However, vest harnesses aren't good for dogs that pull because they can limit their movement by pulling on the leash when walking your dog.

Head halter

Head halters are a type of dog training collar that is used to guide the dog in a way similar to the way humans use reins on horses. The halter is a loop that goes around the dog's muzzle, with a strap that goes over its head.

The purpose of using this style of harness is to help curb excessive pulling and other behaviors associated with separation anxiety or overstimulation.

Harness with side rings

This is a harness that has two attachment points, one for the leash and one for a ring. This type of harness will be used by you if you want to have your dog wear a harness but don't want him attached to only one point at all times. It's also useful if you have only one dog who needs to wear an extra piece of equipment on his or her body (like when they're in Agility class).

Full-body harness

A full-body harness is a harness that is worn over the head and around the chest. It's one of the more popular choices for dog owners, who find it easier to control their dogs when they're not pulling on the leash.

If your dog is strong enough to resist being turned around by a collar or choke chain, then this kind of restraint may not be for you but if your dog shows signs of pulling when walking outside or out into an open yard, it might be worth trying this type of restraint first!


The harness is designed to help your dog learn how to walk on a leash. It’s possible that you may use this type of harness with your dog at some point, but it is not necessary.