How Do Taxi Aggregators App Work?

How Do Taxi Aggregators App Work?

The business of taxi aggregator services is rising. With many taxi app development companies out in the market, it has become much more convenient for the entrepreneurs to venture their own application and provide the services to the customers.


The sector is approximately a $100 billion market making it considerable to invest. What makes it interesting is that you do not have to own a fleet of taxis, but an application is all that you need.

Let’s have a look to know how the industry works.

Taxi Aggregator Services: Introduction

Taxi aggregator app is a platform that connects all the partners (drivers in this case) to one single mobile application. To book and avail the cab services from these drivers, customers need to download the app, register with a unique username, or mobile number or any other social networking account (depending on the platform on which the application is built). 


Taxi app development is the process by which you will receive the desired mobile app with the help of a team of developers.

Essential functions in the taxi booking application

The mobile app should be capable of performing some essential features, which are as follows:


Easy Sign-up: Customers should be able to conveniently set-up the account. Easy to register and also to register using social networking accounts, email or phone number should be the priority. Customers tend not to use the app if the initial process is cumbersome.


User guide: After successful registration, the account holder’s interface should be user-friendly. Automated guidance should be provided to the customer to make him aware of the application and allow convenient booking.


Networking: The application should be fast in responding either to any ride request made by the customer or the revert from the driver’s side.


Also, the application should be GPS enabled so as to give the customer the comfort of detecting the location automatically by a single tap.


Saving Locations: Users should be able to save the location so as to get rid of the hassle of typing the location manually if in case the pickup or drop to a particular location is frequent.


Confirmation: As soon as the customer books the cab and the driver accept the ride, the customer should receive a confirmation on the app. Also, if in case of ride cancellation, the user should receive an instant notification.


Estimation: App should be able to digitally detect the accurate distance of the driver from the customer, the traffic on-route and the number of street lights in between so as to calculate and provide the customer an estimated time.


Fare Price: User should receive a fair estimate before confirming the cab. Also, the estimated cost should be precise. Provision for the tip can also be given after the passenger reaches the destination as a means of extra income for the driver ensuring employee satisfaction.


Variety of Ride: There should be multiple cab option available for the customer, From hatchback to a sedan or some business class limousine or cost-saving cab-pooling (carpooling), the customer is given the freedom to choose the type of cab suiting its budget.  


A team of taxi app developers will help you incorporate all the above-mentioned features in a mobile-based application allowing the user to navigate smoothly for an enhanced experience.

Costing of a taxi aggregator app

The cost estimate will be provided by the company that you approach for the development of your app. However, it is necessary for you to not compromise on the quality and features by being tight on the budget as an app full of glitch will have a severe impact on your business.


The cost depends on the features you include in your application, the platform for which the app is being developed for, the script used for the development as also the taxi app development company that you approach (per hour charge or completion charge).


The affordability of cab services has led to an increase in the companies providing the cab aggregator services. But for anyone to launch a cab booking mobile app, it is necessary to approach the taxi app development company with your business idea after sufficiently researching the market.


There are many app development companies. However, it is crucial to ensure that you knock the doors of expertise.