Studying for Your Boards

Studying for Your Boards

If your medical boards are coming up, chances are you've already begun to study. With this being such an important test, you undoubtedly want to do well, but that can lead to some burnout. So how do you study enough to pass with a high score without absolutely cooking your brain? 

Enroll in Test Prep

One of the biggest advantages you can get when it comes to studying for your boards is a test prep course. These will help you prepare in stages for the different levels of the exam, all in a balanced method that won't overload you. While this doesn't ensure you'll pass the USMLE, it will definitely boost your chances. Students that took test prep courses have scored higher, gotten into better residency programs, and eventually gotten better jobs. If you want to give yourself the best chance for success, look into USMLE prep courses in your area. Many will even offer online options so you can study online to accommodate a busy schedule. 

Find Your Rhythm

Whether or not you choose to take a test prep course, you'll need to find the method of study that works best for you. If you're an auditory learner, look for recordings or videos of your lessons that you can listen to while you do other things. For visual learners, re-read your notes and any slides you have from classes to refresh your memories on topics you're struggling with. The more ways you input the subject into your memory, the longer it'll stay, so it might help to switch things up from time to time. Write things down, read out loud, even tap a rhythm to it. All of these things will help commit the material to your memory on a long-term basis and will make recalling it easier when it comes time to take the test. By studying in a way that works for you, you can ensure you remember your information even amid the stress of test day. 

If you prepare early and commit yourself to studying well, you should have nothing to worry about on your boards.