Spinal Decompression Treatment At Chronic Pain Clinics

Spinal Decompression Treatment At Chronic Pain Clinics

Many of the issues that occur in the body can be because of problems in the spinal cord. Doctors and therapists at Chronic Pain Clinic In Edmonton explain that thousands of nerves that come from the brain; go through the spinal cord and to the rest of the body. So when you are having issues in any part of the body; the problem is the spine can be the reason.

The Three Main Pain Causes

The whole body is made up of bones, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. So pain in any one of the above-mentioned parts can be critical. Sometimes these pains can become extreme and stubborn. The first step that you have to determine the area of the pain.

  1. As discussed in the above point that thousands of nerves pass through the spine. If there is inflammation in any part of the spine and it is affecting the nerve then the patient will experience disturbed body reflexes, numbness, shooting pain, and burning sensation.
  2. Numbness in the various parts of the body; especially the legs and arms mean that the nerves in the spine are pressed because of bad posture or other physiological reasons. The patients come to physiotherapy and Chronic Pain Clinic In Edmonton report that they are experiencing tingling and needle pinching sensation.
  3. On certain occasions the muscles surrounding the spinal cord get stretched and can have soreness. This can make the body stiff and painful. The patients who come to physiotherapy clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy may have pain in the spine because of muscular pain.

Critical Points To Learn About Spinal Decompression

When you are visiting pain clinics for spinal decompression; you have to be aware of the whole process of this treatment. If you are having any of the above-mentioned body issues; then you should know about what is going on and how the therapist can help you in this matter.

Health Problems Spinal Decompression Will Fix

Many times the doctors are unable to determine what is the actual cause of the pain. Then the ultimate solution is to visit a physiotherapy clinic for the treatment of;

  1. Disk degeneration
  2. Herniated or Bulging dicks
  3. Facet syndrome
  4. Numbness in the legs and arms
  5. Pinched nerve

Steps Of Process At Chronic Pain Clinic In Edmonton

The patient is asked to lie down on the stretching table. Straps are secured; so the patient doesn’t move unnecessarily. The table is gently stretched to the point that the patient feels little pain. The treatment is repeated if the pain comes back.

What Is Duration Of Treatment Completion?

The therapist will determine the intensity of the problem by examining the patient. Maximum 20 sessions are required to complete the therapy and treat the patient. At least 30 minutes are required for each session.

Individuals Avoiding The Therapy?

Although this therapy is safe patients who are pregnant, had any kind of injury or chronic back issue should avoid the therapy.

Are There any Physiological Benefits?

The healing process becomes effective when the flow of the blood improves, nutrition supply better, and regeneration increases. All these points are focused on the spinal decompression treatment at Chronic Pain Clinic In Edmonton.

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