Job And Salary Scope To Expect With The PMP® Certification

Job And Salary Scope To Expect With The PMP® Certification

The Project Management Professional or the PMP certification is one of the leading certifications globally for project management. It validates your skills, experience, and expertise as a project leader. Taking this certification exam is very convenient as you can give the test from your home or your office whenever you are free.

Nowadays, the demand for project managers is increasing and therefore, it becomes necessary that you stand out from others. This certification also validates your skills for risk management apart from project management. 

PMP Certification- Job & Salary Scope

According to the CIO magazine, PMP has secured the top position among all the project management certifications. It demonstrates the skills of the candidates that are perfect for a project manager. 

This pmp certification might also offer you 25% more salary when compared to the others who don't have it! After passing the certification exam, your worth is proven as an asset that can improve the organisation's impact globally. 

The PMP certification is also globally recognised. Therefore, your opportunities remain open in any part of the world. 

Moreover, recruiters tend to select those candidates who possess certification in the required domain instead of those who don't. This certification will allow the employers to see as a potential employee who has worked hard to attain the certification and considerable work experience.

Steps To Get The PMP Certification

Given below are the steps that will help you set on the correct PMP certification path, leading to absolute success in project management.

1. Apply For The Exam

You can apply for the PMP certification online, which makes it very easy and time-saving for you. Ensure you check all the costs and eligibility criteria for this credential. The PMP certification cost for non-members is $555, and for members, it is $405. 

2. Give The PMP Exam

You must be prepared well to give the exam. You can look for online resources based on the topics covered by the exam. Taking a PMP training will also be great. You can look into the training course offered by Koenig Solutions as they are one of the best IT training services out there. 

After completing your preparation or project management training, sit for the exam. Before giving the exam, you also take some online mock tests to know your understanding of the topic and check whether you are prepared for it or not. 

3. Maintain Your Certification

You must keep on engaging with professional development to remain certified.  

Koenig Solutions provides one of the best PMP certification courses, which will prepare you thoroughly for the exam. They also take practice tests that will help you to find out the loopholes in your preparation. 

Taking a PMP training will give you industry exposure, giving you a better understanding and experience in the domain. 

Before applying for the exam, you must ensure that you have a four-year degree, experience of 36 months of leading projects, and 35 hours of training for projects or a CAPM Certification (Certified Associate in Project Management).

However, you can also apply if you have a high school diploma, associate's degree, or globally equivalent degree instead of a four-year one. But you must then have experience working on leading projects for more than 60 months along with a CAPM Certification or training in project management. 


The IT industry gives a massive opportunity to those who are looking for project management job roles. Therefore, this PMP certification is an excellent option for you. Having this certification in your resume will validate your skills and your work experience.

However, before applying for the certification, make sure that you also fulfil the requirements and achieve the CAPM certification. And before appearing for the exam, ensure that you have prepared well and rest your mind to stay fresh while giving the same.

If you are looking for a reliable source that you can refer to for your exam preparation, then Koenig Solutions is the best option. They offer several features like authentic resources, practise tests, flexible timetables, one-on-one interaction with the instructor and many more. 

Gaining the PMP certification will be highly beneficial and worth it for you, which promises a better career opportunity. So, enrol yourself at Koenig Solutions today and make the best out of your career!