How to Sharpen A Hand Saw With a Dremel

How to Sharpen A Hand Saw With a Dremel

Would you like to use hand saw for cutting wood or metal, first you need to know how to use hand saw and how to keep hand saw blade sharpen for long time. Here we discuss how to sharpen a hand saw with a Dremel. Sharpen hand saw blade always work well when you cutting wood or something like that.

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Let’s go to discuss how we sharpen hand saw with Dremel

Firstly, we discuss the traditional method of sharping hand saw which take long time to sharp blade. Most of the people use file for sharping hand saw blade and which was lengthy and slow process. But now people use Dremel for sharpening hand saw. This method takes very less time for sharpening. It’s saved huge time and gives longevity work capability.

For this reason, we always recommend everyone to use Dremel for sharpening Hand saw.

How many things are required to sharping hand saw are given below:

  1. Dremel
  2. Hand Saw
  3. Square Slab of Wood
  4. Cylinder
  5. Strip of Wood
  6. Blade
  7. Oil
  8. Hand Gloves
  9. Safety Sun-glass
  10.  Two Metal Nuts

Are you know what is Dremel?

Dremel is also use for cutting wood, metal and glass. It’s also uses as a multi-tool and variety purposes. All Diy lover uses these tools their home for small work. Dremel tools also called versatile tool because we can find it in very toolbox. This tools also use for sharpening all kinds of blade.

What is Hand Saw?

Hand saw is woodcutting tools but mostly all woodworker and carpenter usethis tool for join the pieces together of wooden objects. It’s also called Panel saw and people also known as “panel saws”.

Oil and Blade

For sharpening hand saw first we need blade and oil. Oil is used in the blade and oil keeps blade sharp for long time.


Putting oil in the blade we need cylinder. Without Cylinder, putting oil in the blade Is very risky process for sharpening hand saw. For this causes we need cylinder.

Now discuss the steps of how to sharpen a hand saw with a Dremel.


First create a square board where you put or keep your hand saw. A board should be made in such a way that I can tighten the hand saw blade in the board.


To use the Dremel tool a small board should be made in front of the blade.So that the Dremel tool can be easily used to sharpen the blade.


Then, before starting to sharp the blade, you should take the safety sun glasses and hand gloves for your safety.


After applying gloves and eyeglasses in your hands for your own safety, you will slowly lower your Dremel tool toward the blade. Then carefully lend each part of the blade very carefully.


Then after sharpening the blade, some amount of oil should be applied to the blade so that the blade looks brighter and does not have any rust on the blade.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, it is clear to us that it is almost impossible to cut wood in any way without good sharpen handsaw. That's why we need to know how to sharpen a hand saw with a Dremel.