How can someone access Yahoo Mail without a password?

How can someone access Yahoo Mail without a password?

Yahoo mail has made the sign-in procedure simple without entering passwords. Users think that it is not safe and by seeing this we are here with the exact details of the same. Yahoo has launched a new feature for the email service that allows you to sign in without a password. This feature is known as “Account Key” and this method has proved a more secure sign-in procedure. You can access Yahoo Mail without a password for that, move ahead with the steps.

access Yahoo Mail without a password

This sign-in procedure is more secure than even most tough passwords that can be hacked easily if someone cracks them. With the Account key, Yahoo users will need to enter the username when it prompts at the login page. After that, you will receive a notification on the Smartphone. You have to just click on that to allow access Yahoo Mail without a password.

Users can also know the browser which is used to access their account and the time as well. With this one can easily come to know if someone has unauthorized access to your account.

Steps to Login without Password

  • You will need to click on the “Forgot Password” link and click on the Continue option
  • Ensure if you are verified by clicking on the link “I am not a robot” and click on the Continue option
  • Choose the option “I don’t have access to this email” option and click on Submit
  • If you have that phone then, click on the option which says “Yes, Text me an Account key” option. You will receive a few codes on your phone from Yahoo’s end. Enter them in the text field and click on Verify.

Now the login is successful without entering the password. Click on Continue to start using Yahoo Mail.

Quick ways to Setup Yahoo Account Key

You will need to set up a Yahoo account key and for that, you have to go to the below steps. Before that, make sure that you have downloaded the Yahoo app on your Mobile device and accessed your Yahoo account.

  • Tap on the Profile icon that appears in the upper-left
  • Tap on Account Key under the email address
  • Go to the Setup Account Key and tap on the Approve icon
  • There you have to go to Got it an option
  • Now, choose the option Enable Yahoo Key
  • In the end, you got it and enjoy

Steps to Sign in with Account Key

For the working of Account Key, you will need to sign in to Yahoo app on the Mobile device

  • First and foremost, go to the Yahoo Sign-in page and enter the Yahoo ID and click on Next
  • You will receive a notification on the Account key
  • Tap on the notification or open the app on the device and tap on the Account Key icon

There you have to go to Approve Icon and you will see the option to tap on the verification code to confirm

Disable Account Key or Device Management

  • First of all, go to the Yahoo account security page
  • Click on the Turn off Account key and click on Turn off
  • All you have to do is to turn it off again to confirm
Steps to disable Yahoo Account Key from Mobile App
  • Tap on the Menu icon from the Account Key and you will need to tap on the Profile Icon
  • There you have to go to Account Key under the email address and click on the Manage Account key
  • Go to the option Disable Account Key which you want to switch back to password
  • Tap on the toggle to the right of the device you want to enable or disable

Yahoo is not going away with passwords but sees Account Key as possible. The new features can be disabled and there is a backup feature that allows you to access but don’t have your phone. You can contact Yahoo Support Service for better help regarding the Account key.

Access Yahoo Mail without a password, Yahoo has launched an on-demand password feature that allows users to sign in with an SMS code. Account Key seems to be taking this a step ahead. It will be available to the latest version of users of Yahoo mail. It is expected to start across the other company software before the end of the year.