Home remedies for stomach ache

Home remedies for stomach ache

Home remedies for stomach ache

 Abdominal pain is a common problem that aHome remedies for stomach achelmost all people have to face again and again in life.  They can have many different angles.  The main causes of stomach pain can be constipation, excessive gas, indigestion, consuming toxic food, etc. Here we are giving some easy remedies by which you can get relief in stomach pain.

 1. Asafetida is very beneficial in stomach pain.  Make a paste by grinding 5 grams asafoetida in a little water.  Apply it on the navel and around it, then lie down for a while.  This will remove stomach gas and relieve pain.

 2. Cumin is very beneficial in stomachache.  Fry the cumin seeds on a griddle.  Take 2-3 grams quantity of hot water 3-4 times a day or chew it and eat it soon.

 Drinking 3.10 grams of basil juice can cure abdominal cramps and pain soon.

 4. Mix 75 grams sugar in 100 grams powder of Triphala and take 5 grams of this powder with water 2-3 times a day.  It eliminates all stomach diseases.

 5. Sucking dry ginger in mouth provides instant relief in stomachache.

 6. Drinking a little sweet soda in water in stomach pain is beneficial.

 6. Relieving abdominal pain is also felt without drinking milk tea.

 7. Fry on Ajava pan.  Mixing it with black salt and taking 2-3 grams of it with lukewarm water thrice a day provides quick relief in stomachache.

 8. Mixing 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and a little sugar in one teaspoon of ginger juice and taking it 3 times a day also provides relief in stomachache.

 9. Eating banana is beneficial in any stomach pain.  Banana is a nutritious diet.  Taking banana provides quick relief in stomachache. * Taking black salt, cumin, parsley powder mixed with lemon juice three to four times a day relieves stomach pain.

 10. Taking one teaspoon of pure coriander juice mixed with pure ghee provides quick relief in stomachache.

 11. Pomegranate is considered very beneficial in stomach pain.  Take pomegranate seeds two to three times a day with a small amount of salt and pepper.

 12. Put salt, pepper on radish chutney, pickle, vegetable or radish, all stomach diseases are cured.

 13. All the diseases of stomach are eliminated by eating cooked vegetable.

 14. Drinking 1 teaspoon powder of dry ginger and rock salt in a glass of water ends stomachache.

 15. Taking this spagula with milk while sleeping at night provides relief in stomachache.

 By taking such home remedies, you can cure your minor pearl disease at home.
 Thank you.