Four 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas To Impress

Four 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas To Impress

Anniversaries are special moments in life that should be celebrated. Birthdays are celebrations that remind us of growing and changing, meeting new people and experiencing different life events as time passes. Work anniversaries are celebrated to mark the growth and expansion of careers. Holidays are celebrated to remind us of our history and the reasons we are all brought together on this earth. Everything is an anniversary and should be treated and celebrated as such. Wedding anniversaries are no different.


The first year of marriage marks your first milestone. It is one date in the year telling you that you defied the odds of failed first-year marriages. You’ve been through the ups and downs that the first year brings and this should be celebrated. However, finding the right gift for a 1st anniversary can be challenging.


Here are four ideas to help you Buy The 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift that shows how much you truly care.

World Map

The traditional 1st-year anniversary gift is paper. Paper signifies a new chapter in your life. It helps to signify the fact that you and your loved one are creating your own life story together. A great 1st-year anniversary gift is a world map. Buy a large paper map of the world to hang on the wall or to hang on a corkboard on the wall and use pins to mark the places where you’ve been together. This is a great way to keep a reminder of everything you’ve done and can also be used to plan new journeys and adventures together.


If you’d prefer a more modern way of celebration than traditional paper gifts, a clock is the perfect accessory to gift. Clocks represent the time that passes. They represent the past and the future and can be a way of showing your loved one that you are with them throughout all moments in life, whether they are good or bad, tough or easy. If you’re unsure of only gifting a clock, it can, instead, be a purchase made together as a gift and accessory to the home you are building together.

Stained Glass Picture Frame

If you like the idea of a traditional paper gift, a perfect one-year anniversary gift is a stained glass picture frame from J Devlin Glass Art. The picture frames they have available are crafted with an age-old art form combined with 21st-century designs. Each of their wedding frames is able to be personalized with names and dates so that you can gift a traditional paper gift of a beautiful photo of your wedding day with a stained glass frame engraved with your names and your wedding date.

Stained Glass Box

Another perfect gift for a one year wedding anniversary if a stained glass box from J Devlin. They have stained glass boxes that can be personalized and used for a variety of things. Get your wedding date, wedding vows, or anything else engraved on the box and gift if to your loved one. She can place her precious wedding day jewelry in the box and keep it for special moments like date night so that they always have a safe and beautiful place to be stored when not in use.


Whether you prefer to go with more traditional gifts or more modern gifts, there are a number of items that can be purchased for your significant other and J Devlin has some of the most beautiful stained glass gifts available online. Head on over to to buy a 1 year wedding anniversary gift today!

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