Gas car rental service - is it smart?

Gas car rental service - is it smart?

For those who don’t know, let's explain your fuel options in a car rental. When you rent a car, it usually comes with a full tank of fuel. In some cases, the tank is partially full. In both cases, the rental company offers you three options. Return it to the level at which you received it, (full) full tank prepayment (GSO) and empty it, or empty it again and pay the tank fee (FSO), which is a more expensive estimate per gallon.


The Fuel Service Option (FSO) is almost always the most expensive option. On the California coast in most cities, the BFS charge is $ 5.99 per gallon (and even higher than recent prices). This is not much better across the country. Although your mileage will differ from your actual gallon price, BFS fees almost always cost a good Dollar per gallon more than the prevailing GSO (prepayment) tariff or local gas station tariff. It might not seem like a really good reason to use FSO, but it does. Although most BFS users have more money than time or forgot to fill up the gas tank, it’s cheaper to use this service in one segment than in any other.


If you have a discount code, your employer can decide. Some employers such as Microsoft and government contracts such as Lockheed Martin have agreed on tariffs that charge the same dollar for fuel in the country. Depending on the market, this may not be so bad. In one case, a friend of mine who worked for one of the above companies went to Kona, Hawaii. On this trip, the price of fueling was lower than the price per gallon of all local gas stations 5 miles from the airport. In this case, it is always better to return the car as it is.


At the other end of the spectrum, the GSO option is a prepaid full gas tank at a certain speed jaipur one day tour package by bus. At most car rental companies, the GSO price is the average of the three nearest gas stations. With this average value, you multiply the contents of the tank by this number and offer it as a fixed rate to fill the tank. But let the buyer beware. If the tank is not completely empty upon return, you will not receive a refund for the gas you use. You actually paid for a full tank of fuel, and if you don’t “go empty” when you return it, you simply provided the car rental company with free gasoline.

To summarize again: When should you use the FSO (Fuel Service Option)?


  • Only if you have no other choice.
  • Only if your company at a discount offers you a special gas rate
  • For those who have more money than time

And when should you refuel with the GSO option?

  • Travel to where you know you have a car for more than a week
  • A journey where you know you will drive over 400 miles

When you know, you will have time when you return

A few final tips. When leaving the rental area, pay attention to the nearest gas station. When you have time, it is often recommended that you drive straight and refuel the car to make sure that it is full during the transfer of the car. Many of the modern tanks cover 50-100 miles before the arrow drops. If authorities indicate that the tank is full, the nozzle should snap into place almost immediately (3/10 gallons). But to make yourself known, you really do not need to worry if it is less than 3/4 of a gallon if 85 cents is not enough to argue and spend 20 minutes. If you add more, put the receipt on the rack when you return the car and calculate the amount of gas deducted from the bill.


If you have a GPS device, stick to the location of your car rental company and the nearest gas station to save time on your return. Some of the best plans will be lost if you try to return to the airport. If you are traveling in a group, ask someone to find car rental signs, check out and the nearest restaurant.


Never buy the most expensive gasoline! Let me repeat this more clearly. cheap gas. All car rental in jaipur companies buys the cheapest petrol that is permitted by law. Do not feel guilty about refueling this machine with more expensive gasoline. The car breaks down and is sold for abuse long before gasoline causes problems for the car.

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