Blankz! Pods Are Your Refillable Juul Alternative

Blankz! Pods Are Your Refillable Juul Alternative

With flavored Juul pods being removed from store shelves, Juul users across the country are desperate for a Refillable Juul Alternative. This is because the ban only covers non-tobacco and menthol-flavored prefilled pods. This means that if you want to continue enjoying the fruit or mint-flavored pods you have come to love, you will need to start refilling your own pods at home. Here at Blankz! Pods, we are happy to offer one of the best refillable Juul compatible vape pods.

Our pods are designed to fit and work with any Juul battery or refillable pod system that fits a Juul pod. These pods can be filled with any nicotine salt e-liquid. Even though the FDA has decided to ban flavored vape pods, this ban only extends to the sale of prefilled flavored vape pods sold in stores. Refilling your own pods with flavored e-liquids remains a perfectly legal option. This means that our refillable Juul alternative pods will let you continue to vape your favorite flavors and explore new options that Juul never offered.


When it comes to exploring new flavor options, we are here to help there as well. We offer Shake e-liquids on our online store. These unique e-liquids allow users to customize their own flavors. Each order includes a 60ml bottle of flavorless nicotine salt e-liquid and a small bottle of your desired flavor. You can mix and shake these two bottles to produce a deliciously flavored e-liquids. You can also control the strength of the flavors by adding less or, if you order multiple flavors, you can even create new flavors that are entirely your own. With 32 flavors to choose from, you are sure to find your new favorite flavor profile.


To fill your new Blankz pods, you simply remove the black mouthpiece. You will see a small plastic piece which, when removed, will expose the two fill holes on either side of the chimney. You then fill your pod on both sides, fit the plastic fill hole cover back in place, and snap the mouthpiece back in place. This refilling can be completed in moments and, once completed, your pods will be ready for use. Each of our pods can be filled up to 3 times and holds a full milliliter of e-liquid which is 40% more than a standard Juul pod. After three uses, the coils will begin to burn and spoil the flavor of your vapor. When this occurs, it’s time to grab a new pod.


Not only do these pods let you continue to enjoy your favorite flavors, but they also help you save money. While a standard Juul pod costs $4, our Blankz pods cost only $1.49 per use when filled with our Shake e-liquids. Because of their larger capacity, one 4 pack of Blankz pods can vaporize 12 milliliters of e-liquid. That is the equivalent of 17 Juul pods! When you look at the total cost of using a pack of our refillable Juul alternative pods, the savings are over 70% when compared to buying pods from Juul.


So if you want to save money and choose which flavors to vape, you need to start vaping with Blankz pods. The simple act of filling your own pods at home will help you explore flavor profiles that you might have never considered before. To learn more about our pods and our custom e-liquid options, visit our website today!


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