Cosmetic Labels and the meaning of their symbols
Cosmetic Labels and the meaning of their symbols

Cosmetic Labels and the meaning of their symbols

The various kinds of symbols on Cosmetic Labels have different significance, they portray various aspects of the product starting from its date of expiring to the recyclability of the product and many more. It is also noticed that the users put quite a lot of attention to these Cosmetic Labels because there are certain details given about the product, and most importantly, the process of using the product is also described properly. Therefore, cosmetic labels are a centre of attraction for consumers. The symbols on these products are put to communicate more with the consumer. In other words, it is a means of communication. As a result of the increasing demands of Cosmetic Labels across the world, Cosmetic Labels Manufacturer has increased in number.

Meaning of the symbols on Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic labels are marked with the presence of various symbols, and they have different meanings. Given below are the meanings of some common symbols on Cosmetic Labels:-

● E-mark: The alphabet "E" is used to signify the quantity of the given product during the time of packaging. In the case of cosmetics, it is either shown in grams that is "G" or in milligrams that is \"mg\" for both solids as well as liquids.

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● Often there is a symbol where a hand points towards a book. This means that there is a leaflet or brochure which contains all the necessary information regarding the particular product. It certainly is not fit to be listed on the primary product Label. The information might include the process of using the product, the pros, and cons, the dos and don\'ts, etc. This symbol is mainly used in smaller products because they do not contain much space to describe the product details.

Period After Opening (PAO): There is an open jar symbol that lets the user know about the period of keeping the jar open so that the product does not get destroyed. If the product can be kept open for months then it is denoted by \"M\".

● "Best Before End O" Date (BBE): If the product lasts for 30 months or less than that, then it is marked with a BBE date on the label. This symbol is then associated with the date, expiration date, etc.

● Open Flame:
● This symbol is mainly given to a product for a specific reason. It warns the user to keep the product away from fire no matter what. Open flame is used because the product is flammable. Certain Cosmetic products are highly flammable because of the materials used in making them. For example, deodorants, nail polish remover, hair spray, etc are made up of highly flammable ingredients.

The symbols in the Cosmetic labels are certainly vital. It guides the customer adequately about it uses of the product, the necessary steps one needs to take before using the product, and the necessary materials used in making it etc. Without the symbols, one might end up misusing them. Hence, symbols help one in knowing more about the product.