Best places to shop in Krabi that are a paradise for shopaholics!

Are you a die-hard shopaholic who is always on the hunt for the best shopping destination around the world? Well, if yes, then you should know about the lesser-known paradise, Krabi. If you think that Bangkok is the only good place to satisfy your lust for shopping, then you might be wrong here. There has been a constant rise in the malls and markets because of the influx of tourists.  

The town has much in its store that will urge you to splurge more and lift your spirits. You can visit local street markets as well as compact shopping malls to pamper the shopaholic in you. The shopping experience in Krabi will leave you in awe. 

Top spots for shopping in Krabi

As Krabi is an emerging tourist place, it may not offer a luxurious shopping experience. But you can find everything that you need in this gorgeous town. 

  • Vogue Department Store

Are you searching for the top brands under one roof? Vogue Department store is your go-to place. This store follows the well-trodden Thai path and comprises all major brands in one store. It is a three-story building and settled in the heart of Krabi. The store has different types of products like electronic gadgets, shoes, toys, clothes, handbags, etc. Moreover, there is a karaoke mini-room and a gaming room in one corner of the plaza. If you are looking for a luxurious shopping experience in Krabi, then head to this place. Plan a trip with American Airlines to maximize your savings. Opt for the American Airlines Reservations process and confirm your reservation at much ease.

  • Krabi Town Walking Street

Also known as Krabi Night Market, this market is considered the best shopping location in Krabi. The market is a crowded affair where one can go for drinking, eating, shopping, and enjoying live music. The market is held on every weekend, and it gathers an incredibly large crowd. Almost 50 stalls sell a wide range of products. On these stalls, you will find various lifestyle items like shoes, accessories, fashion, clothes, etc. Moreover, you can even buy household items such as screwdrivers, hammers, and pipes. 

  • Klong Muang Plaza

Klong Muang Plaza offers a different shopping experience to its explorers. It is a quiet destination, and the main attractions are the sunset beach along the beach. The atmosphere at this place is calm and relaxed. Massages parlors are also available to relax before indulging in shopping. So if you don’t like the much crowd, visit Klong Muang Plaza for shopping. From boutiques to antique shops, it is a handy complex, where you can find the best of everything in Krabi. Go to the nearby restaurants or cozy bar to relax with your companions. 

  • Chock Dee Handmade Jewelry Shop

Do you love handmade jewelry? Chock Dee Handmade Jewelry Shop is the right answer to all your needs. It is a long-established boutique that offers a wide range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. This shop sells the finest handmade silver and gold jewelry, and all these are original creations. As the shop is positioned in Ao Nang beachfront market, you will get a chance to explore a lot more before spending your money. The jewelry made at this place is unparalleled. It is a work of uniqueness, precision, and art. If you love jewelry way too much, then you can’t afford to miss this place. 

  • Big C Mall

Big C is one of the best shopping malls in Krabi. It is a standard green and red shopping mall, which you will discover throughout the city. You can find everything from preserved & fresh food and electronic goods to washing machines and cheap clothing. The best thing about this chain of malls is that it sells products of top brands like KT Optic, Bata, etc., at lower prices than other stores in the town. 

I think you must be convinced that shopping in Krabi is a wonderful experience. Plan a trip to Thailand now with Spirit Airlines, and don’t forget to add a shopping day out in Krabi to your bucket list. Initiate the Spirit Airlines Reservations process now and fly without burning a hole in your wallet. 

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